A MESSAGE FROM DONALD TRUMPDonald Trump’s (DAH) running mate is millionaire John Carpenter

— Darrell’s still illustrating Donald Trump via the New York mobster wiseguy-kind voice that he used earlier this seakid, which sounds nothing like exactly how his impression would later go on to famously sound.

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— In retrospect, it’s fairly odd seeing this 1999 sketch having actually Trump going on around how he’s gonna be president and we might as well not fight it.— Funny line around a see-through bathtub.— A cameo from John Carpenter, the winner of the previous night’s episode of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire. By nature, this cameo has actually aged oddly (then aacquire, so has this entire cold opening).— The voice of Carpenter’s dad on the phone is played by SNL writer Tim Herlihy. This is his sendoff, as tonight is his last present . He’s funny in this cold opening.STARS: ***

MONOLOGUEorganize gets MOS, ANG, CHO, RADVERTISEMENT to sign up with her Catfight Club

— Tina Fey’s voice still sounds so various in her pre-actors member appearances. Kinda tough to think that tonight’s appearance is much less than a year before she starts doing Weekend Update. However before, she has been gradually founding to look favor just how she would in her Update days, as she’s noticeably been shedding weight.— I choose Jennifer Aniston’s passing mention of a restraining order she has actually on Tina.— I absolutely love this revolve with a Fight Club-esque violent fight between Jennifer and also the female actors members. Very fun.— Jennifer’s “Superstar” taunt to Molly was really funny.— Good line with Jennifer ashamedly admitting that she hasn’t also checked out her boyfrifinish Brad Pitt’s movie Fight Club yet.— I prefer the inclusion of Rachel, and just how she’s being pumelted about by her female castmates because she’s a newbie. It feels odd in retrospect seeing her and Cheri communicating, considering this would be their only seaboy together and also I can’t think of many type of various other sketches later this season that we view any ondisplay interaction between them (besides the Ugly Models sketch from the Freddie Prinze Jr. episode and also the Office Skank sketch from the John Goodmale episode).— I love Rachel’s excited yell of “This is freakin’ awesome!” right into the camera.STARS: ****½

PRETTY LIVINGjoyologist Helen & horny self-esteem guru (musical guest)

— Oh, god, here we go. Though I execute remember this certain Pretty Living installment being a little even more tolerable than usual.— Kinda exciting having actually a musical guest appear in a Pretty Living sketch for when, and Sting’s sketch job-related is always solid.— Jennifer’s collage is really funny.— Jennifer’s bitterness throughout this sketch is helping to indeed make this Pretty Living sketch more tolerable than usual.STARS: **½

NICK BURNS, YOUR COMPANY’S COMPUTER GUYNick Burns (JIF) condescends while providing technology assistance to officeworkers

— Nick Burns provides his dehowever.— Between the deyet of the Boston Teens in the last episode and also currently Nick Burns’ debut tonight, Jimmy’s been doing the majority of character job-related all of a sudden, after previously doing mostly simply celebrity impressions and guitar songs on Weekfinish Update.— Ah, a character via an opening title sequence and layout song, feeling choose a throwago to SNL’s late 80s/early 90s era. A memorable and fairly catchy template song that Nick Burns has actually.— Speaking of SNL’s late 80s/early 90s era, I’ve constantly believed that Nick Burns kinda feels favor a character that Mike Myers would’ve played earlier in the day.— Nick Burns’ snarkiness and also arrogance throughout this sketch is pretty funny, and a good spoof of the kind of computer professionals who are precisely favor this.— Good revolve with Burns having actually obstacle for once when trying to fix Jennifer’s computer system problems.STARS: ***½

WAYNE PORTERcastameans Wayne Porter (CHP) wants to be rechosen as leader of the island

— A good and extremely artistic premise, and Parnell is perfect in this.— I love the line from Parnell about how he knows this commercial isn’t airing on TV, as he’s staring into a hole in a coconut.— A little bit little bit of awkwardness at the end of the live version I’m watching of this, specifically the timing problems with Darrell’s finishing voice-over.STARS: ****½

PRIVOLIN(host) confprovides co-workers by breaking fourth wall for genital herpes ad

— A excellent twist on the cliche of someone in a commercial privately speaking to the cam while being among a team of human being.— Jennifer is providing a really strong performance right here.— Ana: “She’s talking to the wall about herpes medicine!”STARS: ****½


— I absolutely love how the coming before sketch carries over right into this band swarm, with Jennifer all of a sudden blocking the SNL Band by (silently) continuing to plug the Privolin medication in front of the camera.

SEX AND THE CITYCarrie (host) recounts her rendezvous through Mr. Peepers

— Our first time in a while seeing a Mr. Peepers sketch. Still not a long enough of a break, in my eyes. Not also crossing him over via a Sex And The City parody seems prefer it has potential to me.— The percentage of the sketch parodying Eyes Wide Shut is kinda clever, at leastern.STARS: **

WEEKEND UPDATEwired George W. Shrub (WIF) plugs his book & areas COQ’s questionssubtitles reveal the fact behind the polite race discussion of COQ & TRM

— Some of Colin’s jokes are acquiring a really strong audience reaction. Too bad his shipment is still iffy for me.— Like the initially time he played Bush earlier this seakid, it’s amazing seeing exactly how different Will’s early portrayal of Bush is from the portrayal that we would later on end up being familiar via. Tonight’s specific Shrub portrayal is playing up Bush’s coke actions, which Will is pulling off hilariously.— Bush: “Is it cool if I perform a pair of lines?” Colin: “What?!?” Bush: “…of my book!”— I choose how you have the right to currently hear audience members chuckling as soon as Colin begins a Michael Jackchild joke, lengthy before he’s even gained to the punchline.— Good to see Tracy playing himself aobtain after the epic backphase sketch he did via Garth Brooks in the last episode.— The captions of what Tracy and Colin are really thinking throughout their discussion are decent. I particularly like Tracy’s inscription “’Til my sitcom on the WB.”STARS: **½

MUSICAL PERFORMANCEmusical guest percreates “Brand also New Day”

CHRISTMAS URCHINSrented street urchins (host) & (RAD) entertain a family members by begging

— This has actually constantly been a favorite sketch of mine, partly for factors I’ll cite in the time of the “Immediate Post-Show Thoughts” at the end of this testimonial.— I love this exceptionally random premise of 1nine century street urchins being provided by a family as Christmas lawn accessories. Rachel’s portrayal of an urchin is especially hilarious, and also she’s obtaining excellent reactions from the audience. I remember as soon as I initially experienced this episode, this was among the exceptionally first sketches that really endeared me to then-newbie Rachel.— Darrell’s line about the urchins having lice gave me a laugh.— The urchins’ significantly disturbing songs are a riot, especially their last “I’d (insert unsettling activity here) for you” song. Of the final song, I particularly love the “I’d decapitate a whore for you” lyric, bereason hearing it in retrospect, it’s an extremely Tina Fey-esque line (she created this sketch).STARS: *****

KIM PLUNKETTWayne Porter’s rival Kim Plunkett (WIF) counters through an attack ad

— Will’s portrayal of his psychotic character is absolutely pricemuch less, specifically him randomly beginning to bark as one of his points.— I love the odd photo of Will’s character wearing some sort of intricate outfit and holding a smoking pipe (the last above screencap for this sketch).— A perfect finishing yell from Will of the line “I’M GONNA EAT YOU!!!”STARS: *****

POKEMONpaleas (DAH) & (host) are worried because their son isn’t right into Pokemon

— Interelaxing just how they’re using a genuine child in this large function, instead of having actually a actors member play it. Also interesting seeing Darrell in such a major non-impression duty, which is a large rarity for him.— A excellent take-off on the Pokemon craze from this time, which, when watching this in retrospect, serves as a nice time capsule for 1999.— Jennifer and also Darrell’s mean-spirited reactions to their son’s dischoose of Pokemon has many good lines, especially Jennifer flat-out telling her kid he’s a dumbass and also Darrell telling him they’re so disappointed in how he’s turned out. This era is excellent at doing sketches through children being berated by adults (e.g. assorted Will Ferrell sketches, Colin Quinn’s controversy through a little girl on Weekfinish Upday previously this season).STARS: ****

MUSICAL PERFORMANCEmusical guest & Cheb Mami perdevelop “Desert Rose”

THANKSGIVING DINNERRoberta ruins the household Thanksoffering dinner to which she invited herself

— The rerotate of a character, Roberta, that Cheri formerly played just once, exceptionally early on in her SNL tenure. Very odd that they’re bringing this character ago FOUR YEARS LATER. That has got to be among the longest-ever before gaps in between a recurring character’s initially and second appearance as soon as the perprevious that plays them remained in the actors (I’m not counting times once actors members came earlier to host).

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— If I didn’t recognize any type of much better, I’d swear this is the exact same family from the Urchins sketch previously tonight. Like that sketch, we have Parnell as a gray-haired dad, Ana as a mommy, and also Darrell as a crotchety old grandpa. Speaking of Darrell, he’s surprisingly been playing most remarkable non-impression functions tonight.— Roberta’s cat names are pretty funny.— Cheri’s shipment as this character sounds various from just how I remember it sounding the last time she played her. I guess going 4 years without playing this character will perform that.— A significant laugh at the finish from Cheri’s disturbing story concerning unwaburned sheets at a hotel.— Overall, while I remember being disappointed by the first Roberta sketch, I actually kinda took pleasure in this one. It wasn’t anything specifically great and had sort of a generic “Cheri Oteri plays yet one more weirdo” feel, but I acquired sufficient laughs from this.STARS: ***


— With this being SNL writer Tim Herlihy’s last show, Tim Meadows deserve to be heard continuously shouting “HERLIHY!”, and Will holds up a card saying “Thank you, Tim Herlihy!”

IMMEDIATE POST-SHOW THOUGHTS— (***LONG STORY ALERT***) This episode plays a HUGE importance in my SNL fandom. I first observed this episode as soon as NBC reran it during summer reruns in the year 2000, earlier as soon as I was still a casual SNL viewer who generally only tuned right into bits and pieces of the show. Throughout that viewing of this episode, I dropped in love with the episode so a lot that I ended up watching it constantly the following few weeks on the VHS tape that I just occurred to record the episode on. That, consequently, heightened my interest in SNL and brought about me watching and recording the whole episodes on a regular basis on NBC eincredibly Saturday night, and also likewise finding digital SNL sites and message boards, which all conveniently turned me from a casual SNL viewer to a diehard SNL nerd. Getting back to my first viewing of this episode, soon after that viewing, I, as stated in my review of the Sabra Price is Right sketch from seaboy 17’s Tom Hanks episode, tape-recorded audio from Jennifer Aniston’s Fight Club monologue and also the Christmas Urchins sketch onto a cassette tape (which additionally consisted of audio I tape-recorded from a few various other SNL sketches, which are discussed in the Sabra Price is Right evaluation I connected to) that I finished up listening to on a VERY regular basis. Since of that, and also because of just how much I fell in love with this episode in general during my initially viewing, the Fight Club monologue and (especially) Urchins sketch will certainly forever be substantial to me. All in all, this episode holds a very unique area in my heart for every one of the reasons I’ve simply stated, and also thus, I might be biased when saying best now that this is just one of my individual all-time favorite episodes. Even judging this episode on the very same level of various other SNL episodes, I still feel that this episode is strong. Tright here was a great number of standout excellent sketches, and also also Pretty Living managed to be much less insufferable than usual. Jennifer Aniston was also a really solid host and also did an excellent project in eincredibly sketch.


HOW THIS EPISODE STACKS UP AGAINST THE PRECEDING ONE (Garth Brooks)technically about the exact same, however on a personal level for factors I pointed out previously, a mild action up