Late on the night of the last day of the rebirth, a storm is impending once T. J. knocks at the Logan"s door. Cassie quietly allows him into the boys" room. He is badly hurt. Stacey is exceptionally suspicious. T. J. describes that he went through Melvin and also R. W. to Strawberry, reasoning that they were going to buy him a pearl-handled pistol he had actually been wanting. Instead, they rob the keep and also injure the owners. The White boys were wearing masks. The children fix to assist T. J. to his house, however just after T. J. goes inside, a lynch mob drives up and also starts to beat up T. J. and also his household. The mob thinks that T. J. and also some other black youngsters were responsible for the robbery. In fact, Melvin and also R. W. are a part of the mob. Mr. Jamikid arrives to attempt to break up the mob, but they threaten to continue to the Logan residential or commercial property and also hang L. T. and also Papa together with T. J. At this, Cassie and also the 2 younger boys rush house to warn their family members while Stacey continues to be to watch about T. J.

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Cassie tells the rest of the family whatever. Papa and L. T. leave, transferring weapons. Soon, Mama notices that the cotton field has actually recorded fire, reportedly from a lightning strike. She and also Big Ma go to fight it. The children wake as much as uncover Jeremy knocking at their door. It is almost dawn. He claims that the fire has been put out. Cassie and also Little Man go out to investigate. They view that many type of adjacent farmers, babsence and also white, are working together to put out the last glowing embers. Everyone is safe; even T. J., although he has actually been arrested. The fire distracted the lynch mob. Stacey and also Cassie are very upset around T. J., even if they did not prefer him very much. At first, Cassie does not quite understand also what happened. Then, it dawns on her that her father started the fire.


The events of these last chapters are rather complex. As the novel has actually progressed, Cassie, the narrator, has actually been privy to fewer and also fewer vital events. Now, she sleeps with the resolution of the novel. This is an important plot tool, bereason it adds an aspect of suspense to the story. At initially, the reader thinks that a miraculous fire carried together the area. Then, the reader learns that it was Papa who began the fire. At initially, it may seem that it was slightly criminal of Papa to fool the guys by beginning a fire. But, on the other hand also, he burned his own land also. Also, throughout the novel, the Logan family members has indulged in tiny acts of civil disobedience, such as the sabotage of the bus. Papa told Cassie that the Bible states to forprovide Lillian Jean, yet if she cannot live without teaching Lillian Jean a lesson, then she must teach Lillian Jean a lesboy. Papa did what he had actually to do.

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It might seem contrived to some readers that the novel has actually such a happy finishing. Of course, tbelow is the tragedy of T. J."s arrest and also unpreventable punishment, however this has actually been foreshadowed through each of T. J."s mistakes and betrayals. Tright here is no lynching; no one dies. In truth, the entirety community is compelled to work together. What is Mildred Taylor trying to say? Obviously, she is saying that babsence and also white civilization have the right to and have to job-related together. But she is likewise saying that they are many likely to job-related together in a state of emergency, when their material resources are intimidated. In many means, the reader might be unsatisfied with this finishing. Many kind of of the threats challenged by the Logan household have actually been refixed, and also the novel has explained the process whereby Cassie learned around the realities of racism. The Logans have actually heroically stood up to racism, as much as was feasible. The last message of the novel, possibly, is that survival is feasible, however that tright here are unavoidable losses alengthy the way.

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