Do we really must say goodbye to The Walking Dead? It feels prefer just yesterday we were traipsing through the hospital through a deer-in-headlights Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), as he tried to number out what the bleep was actually going on. For nine emotional periods, Rick led us on a journey complete of heartbreak, loss, suspense, and of course, walkers. Though he was our fearmuch less and noble leader, he was absolutely not perfect. It’s difficult to fault such a selfless Sheriff choose Rick because his actions were (usually) made with his group’s finest interests in mind. But, tright here were numerous moments in the series that left us staring at our displays and blurting out, “Did Rick simply perform that?

Let’s look back at some of Rick’s decisions that left us through our mouths open up favor a hungry walker.

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9. Shooting Pete

PeteExecuted The Walking Dead - Rick shoots Pete
In spite of being presented as an idyllic refuge, the Alexandria Safe-Zone was a source of a lot of difficulties. A substantial concern was the consistent dispute between Rick and Alexandrian Pete Anderson. Pete was a pretty horrible dude, as he abused his wife, Jessie, and also their sons Ron and Sam. It didn’t seem choose Pete was going to adjust, and also Rick was fed up watching Jessie repeatedly endure her husband’s drunken wrath. Seachild 5 featured several disagreements in between Rick and also Pete, especially when Rick motivates Jessie to stop up and defend herself.

Pete’s life pertains to a bloody finish in the Season 5 finale, when he confronts Deanna, Rick, and the remainder of the group that surround a nighttime campfire. Pete threatens Rick via Michonne’s katana, and, in a drunken rage, screams at Rick that he isn’t among them. When Deanna’s husband Reg tries to calm Pete dvery own, Pete slices his throat. A distraught Deanna tells Rick to “carry out it,” and Rick, in the blink of an eye, shoots Pete in the head. What’s the majority of startling around this minute isn’t that Rick kills him, but how easily he appears to perform it. Rick’s learned from his previous mistakes, and knew that if he let Pete live, everyone’s lives would certainly be at hazard. While it was definitely surpincreasing, killing Pete was long overdue for the security of others.
In “Knots Untie,” the episode coming before the group’s assault on the sleepy Saviors, Rick’s animalistic instincts startle the members of the calm Hilltop neighborhood. Gregory and also his Hillpeak residents are backed right into a less-than-ideal trade attend to the Saviors, through no actual hope of gaining out of it if they wanted to continue to be safe. Upon return from a meeting with the Saviors, Ethan, a member of the Hilltop, tells a puzzled Gregory (what else is new) that Negan eliminated some of their world bereason the distribution of goods wasn’t as big as they agreed to.

Ethan describes that Negan is holding Ethan’s brvarious other, Craig, hophase until Ethan delivers a message to Gregory. Ethan apologizes to Gregory, then stabs him in the stomach. Rick pounces on Ethan and tackles him to the ground. A fight breaks out in between the Hillheight and also Rick’s team, as both sides attempt to protect their own human being. Ethan pins Rick dvery own, and claims that anyone that tries to kill him is likewise killing Craig. Without hesitation, Rick digs his fingers right into Ethan’s throat, resulting in him to automatically drop to the ground and bleed out. The Hilltop homesteaders stand horrified as they watch Rick kill one of their own. What renders this so shocking is exactly how unphased Rick was by the entire case. Covered in Ethan’s blood, Rick looked at all the frightened civilization and also scoffed, “What?” Considering this was Rick’s very first time at the Hillheight, killing among their human being appropriate off the bat was probably not the ideal relocate.

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5. We Need to Talk About Randall


4. Killing Shane Walsh

3. Killing Victims in Their Sleep

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