If you are a UNITED STATE citizen that desires to bring your foreign fiancé(e) to the USA in order to gain married, you will certainly should file a Form I-129F, Petition For Alien Fiancé(e). This is the initially action to obtaining a K-1 nonimmiprovide visa for your fiancé(e). The K-1 nonimmigrant visa is additionally recognized as a fiancé(e) visa.

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In order to attain a K-1 fiancé(e) visa, you and also your fiancé(e) must intfinish to marry each various other within 90 days of your fiancé(e) entering the U.S as a K-1 nonimmigive. Your marital relationship need to be valid, definition both you and your fiancé(e) have actually a bona fide intent to develop a life together and also the marital relationship is not for the sole function of obtaining an immigration advantage.

If your fiancé(e) marries you within 90 days of being admitted to the United States as a K-1 nonimmiprovide, he or she might use for lawful permanent resident standing in the USA (a Environment-friendly Card).

If you have already married, plan to marry outside the United States, or your fiancé(e) is already residing legally in the United States, your spouse or fiancé(e) is not eligible for a fiancé(e) visa. Go to the Bringing Sposupplies to Live in the United States as Permanent Residents web page for more information around exactly how to aid your foreign spouse apply for a Green Card.

Eligibility for Fiancé(e) Visas

You may be eligible to bring your fiancé(e) to the USA on a fiancé(e) visa if you satisfy the adhering to requirements:

You are a U.S. citizen;You and also your fiancé(e) intend to marry one an additional within 90 days of your fiancé(e)’s admission to the United States on a K-1 nonimmigive visa;You and your fiancé(e) are both legally complimentary to marry (this means you both are legally able to marry in the United States and any type of previous marriages have been legally terminated by divorce, death, or annulment); andYou and also your fiancé(e) met each various other in perboy at leastern when within the 2-year period prior to you file your petition. You might research a waiver of this in-person meeting requirement if you deserve to show that meeting in perchild would:Violate strict and long-established personalizeds of your fiancé(e)’s international culture or social practice; orResult in too much hardship to you, the U.S. citizen petitioner.
Process for Bringing your Fiancé(e) to the United States

The process for bringing your fiancé(e) to the United States entails slrfc.org, the U.S. Department of State (DOS), and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). At each stage in the process, background and defense checks might be carried out on both you and your fiancé(e). This may incorporate checks in miscellaneous databases for national defense, criminal history, and also other information around you and your fiancé(e). These checks are carried out making use of fingerprints, names, or various other biographic or biometric indevelopment.

Tip 1: Petition for Fiancé(e) – slrfc.org

We evaluation your Form I-129F and also the documents you submitted. We may mail you a request for evidence if we require added documentation or indevelopment.If you develop your eligibility, we give your Form I-129F and also identify the asserted fiancé(e) partnership. Otherwise, we deny your Form I-129F and notify you of the reasons for denial.We send the apverified Form I-129F to the DOS National Visa Center (NVC).

For extra indevelopment around filing the petition, view the Form I-129F and also create instructions.

Tip 2:  Visa Application – DOS

The NVC forwards the apverified Form I-129F to the U.S. Embassy or consulate wright here your fiancé(e) will apply for a K-1 nonimmigrant visa. This is mostly the UNITED STATE Embassy or consulate wbelow your fiancé(e) lives.The UNITED STATE Embassy or consulate informs you once the visa interview for your fiancé(e) is booked.Your fiancé(e) uses for the K-1 nonimmigrant visa and brings the forced develops and also documents to the visa interwatch.The DOS consular officer determines whether your fiancé(e) qualifies for the K-1 nonimmiapprove visa. If the consular officer grants the K-1 nonimmigive visa, it is valid for approximately 6 months for a single entry.If the consular officer does not discover the relationship to be bona fide, DOS will not concern a K-1 nonimmiapprove visa and rather will certainly rerotate the Form I-129F to slrfc.org. Usually, if DOS returns a Form I-129F to us after it has actually expired, we will permit it to remain expired. However before, you might select to file a brand-new Form I‑129F.

For extra indevelopment around using for a visa, watch the DOS Nonimmigrant Visa for a Fiancé(e) web page.

Step 3: Inspection at a Port of Enattempt – CBP

If DOS concerns a K-1 nonimmigrant visa, your fiancé(e) travels to the United States and looks for admission at a port of enattempt while the K-1 nonimmigive visa is valid. Similar to any type of visa, a K-1 nonimmiapprove visa does not guarantee admission to the United States. A CBP officer at the port of enattempt will certainly make the ultimate decision about whether to admit your fiancé(e).

Tip 4: Marriage

If your fiancé(e) is admitted as a K-1 nonimmiprovide, you and your fiancé(e) have 90 days to marry each other.

Tip 5: Adjustment of Status – slrfc.org

We review Form I-485 and the records your spousage submitted. We might mail a request for proof to your spousage if we require extra documentation or information.You and your spouse will certainly usually be forced to appear for an intercheck out.

For additional indevelopment about using for a Environment-friendly Card, check out the Form I-485 and also instructions and also the Environment-friendly Card for Fiancé(e) of U.S. Citizen web page.

For extra information around rerelocating the problems on your spouse’s conditional permanent residence, see the Form I-751 page and the Rerelocate Conditions on Permanent Residence Based on Marriage web page.

Each instance is various and also the size of the procedure varies. slrfc.org processes fiancé(e) petitions in the order we receive them. For even more indevelopment about present handling times for the Form I-129F, view the Check Processing Times web page.

If your fiancé(e) has actually a son that is under 21 and also unmarried, the kid might be eligible to concerned the United States on a K-2 nonimmigrant visa. You must incorporate the names of your fiancé(e)’s kids on the Form I-129F if you wish to lug them to the USA. The youngsters must continue to be unmarried and under 21 in order to be admitted to the United States as K-2 nonimmigrants. They may travel via your fiancé(e) or later on, but they cannot travel to the UNITED STATE prior to your fiancé(e).

If you and also your fiancé(e) married within 90 days of your fiancé(e)’s admission into the U.S., your fiancé(e)’s kids who were admitted as K-2 nonimmigrants may likewise apply for a Green Card by filing Form I-485 via slrfc.org. However before, K-2 nonimmigrant kids must reprimary unmarried in order to be eligible for a Green Card. K-2 nonimmigive kids should use for a Environment-friendly Card at the exact same time or after your fiancé(e).

After being admitted to the U.S. on a K-1 nonimmigive visa, your fiancé(e) may instantly apply for proof of occupational authorization by filing Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization. In this situation, your fiancé(e)’s work authorization is valid for only 90 days after his or her enattempt into the U.S.

Your fiancé(e) might also apply for occupational authorization at the same time he or she uses for a Environment-friendly Card. In this situation, your fiancé(e) can file Form I-765 in addition to the Form I-485. In this instance, your fiancé(e)’s work-related authorization is valid for one year and also may be extfinished in one-year increments.

K-1 and also K-2 nonimmigrant status instantly expires after 90 days and also cannot be extended. Generally, your fiancé(e) and his or her youngsters need to leave the USA at the end of the 90 days if you execute not marry. If they perform not decomponent, they will be in violation of U.S. immigration regulation. This might bring about removal (deportation) and also can impact their future eligibility for UNITED STATE immigration benefits.

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However before, if you marry your fiancé(e) after the 90 day duration, you might file a Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative. Go to the Bringing Spooffers to Live in the USA as Permanent Residents page for more information about how to aid your foreign spousage acquire a Eco-friendly Card. Usually, your fiancé(e) might not use for a Eco-friendly Card on any type of other basis besides marital relationship to you.