of floor area lived in. c. Number of hours functioned. d. Number of invoices processed. e. Number of employees in each department.

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slrfc.org: B. Square feet of floor space inhabited.

Explanation: Rent is normally charged and allotted based upon the size of the area lived in,a bigger occupational area will be sufficient to occupy more raw products, makers,workplaces,finimelted items and other things.

The maintenance expense of utilizing a bigger area will many most likely be greater than a smaller job-related room, bigger occupational space calls for more lightening,more ventilation and so on which will absolutely rise the amount allotted or invested in servicing and delivering our maintenance on this electric items.

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$2,000 of inventory on account. This inventory was marketed for $3,000 cash. The amount of gross margin reported on the earnings state
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slrfc.org: $1,000 Gross Margin

$3,000 Net Cash


Gross margin is generally calculated by subtracting the price of goods offered from the Selling Price.

In this scenario that would be,

= $3,000 - $2,000

= $1,000 is the Gross Margin.

Now, for net Cash inflows from the Operating Activities we must note that the inventory was bought ON ACCOUNT so no cash actually left the firm however then they offered the inventory for $3,000.

$3,000 therefore came right into the company as CASH so the $3,000 is considered to be Net Cash Incirculation from Operating Activities.

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Superior Micro Products offers the FIFO technique in its process costing mechanism. Documents for the Assembly Department for May appear belo
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The computation of the price per indistinguishable systems for each one is displayed below:

For Material

= Cost included ÷ Equivalent unit of manufacturing

= $67,276 ÷ 13,900 units

= $4.84 per unit

For Labor

= Cost added ÷ Equivalent unit of manufacturing

= $27,025 ÷ 11,500 units

= $2.35 per unit

For overhead

= Cost added ÷ Equivalent unit of manufacturing

= $86,825 ÷ 11,500 units

= $7.55 per unit

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Elijah opened a checking account with​ $125 and also deposits​ $25 right into it eincredibly week. he opened up one more checking account with​ $225
Bank account #1
Bank account #2

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A store supplies two payment plans. under the installment plan, you pay 25% dvery own and also 25% of the purchase price in each of the next
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a-1 . The Present Value of the installment arrangement is $94.38.

We calculate the PV of $25 for each of the 3 complying with years with the complying with formula:



PVIFA = Present Value interest factor of an annuity of $1 at 4% for 3 years.


We can ascertain this in excel by using the syntaxation : =pv(0.04,3,-1).

In this syntaxes, 0.04 is the interest price, 3 is variety of durations and also since the annuity is $1 we compose 1. We should put in -1 bereason otherwise, we"ll gain the slrfc.org as a negative number. This is bereason excel treats any Present Values as outflows, and documents them as negative.

Substituting the worths over in the coming before equation we get,



In order to uncover the Present out Value of the installment arrangement, we must add the down payment of $25. So,


PV of instalment = $94.38

a-2. We acquire a 6% discount once we pay in complete, so the purchase price of the product becomes:



Because the purchase price of the pay in full plan is lesser than that of the installment plan, the pay in full arrangement is a better option.

b-1. The Present Value of the installment setup is $90.75.

Due to the fact that the initially instalment drops due just after one year, we calculate the PV of $25 each of 4 years with the adhering to formula:



PVIFA = Present out Value interest aspect of an annuity of $1 at 4% for 4 years.

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We can asspecific this in excel by using the syntaxation : =pv(0.04,4,-1).

Substituting the values over in the preceding equation we obtain,

b-2. In this instance, the PV of the pay in complete plan stays at $94 while that of the instalment setup falls to $90.75. Since the PV of the Instalment arrangement is reduced, we"ll pick the instalment arrangement.