A negative halittle that many kind of women have is blow drying their hair and then styling it via warmth instantly, resulting in separation ends and also unending bouts through frizzy and also uncontrolled hair. Our review of the Remington brand of level iron tells you exactly how it does the task of drying and styling wet hair at the very same time without doing damage to it.

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If you’re among the skeptics, or even movie critics, of any level iron that claims it can dry and straighten hair concurrently, you’re absolutely not alone. That this level iron additionally happens to be affordable might sound unbelievable already however it isn’t, bereason we’re talking about the Remington S7210 Wet 2 Straight Flat Iron, a hair salon quality flat iron that’s easily accessible to consumers of all hair forms.

When you’re in a hurry but want a smooth, sleek end up to your hair, drying your mane after a shower is traditional operating procedure for you yet such a task deserve to leave your hair dry and also brittle. The newest development Remington Wet 2 Straight hair straightener now has actually soy hydra conditioner-infoffered ceramic plates that deserve to transport nutrients to your hair without any type of oily residue. 


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Remington Wet 2 Straight Product Features

The Remington Wet 2 Straight Flat Iron has actually distinctive vents on height of it which rerelocate water from damp hair making use of its “Steam Hydration Therapy” that permits drying and also straightening at the same time without damages to hair. You don’t want to purchase a flat iron just to regret having actually done so after utilizing it only for a few times. 

If you’re reasoning of buying a flat iron, think about the Remington Wet 2 Straight Flat Iron; not just will certainly it save you the time of blow drying your hair before styling or straightening it, it deserve to likewise administer moisture and nourishment for your hair from the soy hydra complex infusion in its ceramic plates. 

Buying the appropriate type of flat iron may be a complicated choice to make when tright here is a plethora of brands to select from. Based on reliability, price, and performance, the Remington Wet 2 Straight Flat Iron has actually the thumbs up from satisfied customers. 

Here are some of its features:

Has 2”-inch soy hydra complex-infoffered ceramic plates that nourishes hair throughout straightening or styling hair.Has an automatic shut off of 60 minutes.With a vast selection of 30 settings for the type of warm desired.Immediate heat have the right to be derived in 30 secs after turning it on.With a set of unique vents that steam dries hair.The Remington level iron comes via a two-year warranty.Has two indicator lights for dry or wet hair styling: green for wet hair and also amber for dry hair.With approximately 425°F expert establishing for high heat.Has touch pad controls for convenience.With an LCD digital display screen.With dual heaters for unicreate and also even warmth.Has dual voltage ease of access for use during travel.Ergonomically designed for much better grip and manage.

Pros and also Cons


Unprefer other flat irons, no additional product demands to be used on hair after use given that it brings out the hair’s organic shine.This Remington hair straightener product has soy hydra complex-infoffered ceramic plates that aid nourish hair while they dry and style hair.Does a fantastic task of keeping frizzy hair straight.Has a heating capacity of 425°F.Affordably-priced.Requires no batteries.The soy hydra complicated doesn’t leave any kind of oily residue on the hair.Has a 60-minute automatic turn off device.Heat up time is 30 secs after turning it on.Even and also uniform circulation of warmth with its distinct vent system.With easier dial control for heat settings.Can be gift-wrapped.Will not “fry” or burn hair while drying and/or styling it.The thickness of the ceramic plates coats the base plate adequately to encertain quality heating while in usage.Ergonomically and aesthetically designed.


Power cord is numerous feet shorter than other flat irons.The direct warm might not be suitable for thin hair.


What Customers Say About the Product

More than fifty percent of the 348 Remington level iron reviews from customers shown in its entirety satisfactivity from the product. Its vent mechanism is a distinct feature for a lot of customers which they find trustworthy to use on damp hair. Several customer reviews sassist that this product has replaced their regular blow dryers because it does the dual project of drying and also styling.

According to numerous of their reviews, some customers found the Remington flat iron “the majority of effective” after hair has actually been partly towel dried after which the setting deserve to be readjusted back to “dry” to straighten and style the hair. Some customers discovered the manage can get hot once the greater settings of heat are used however it’s more of an annoyance issue than a usage problem.

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Should You Buy this Product?

Should you buy the Remington S7210 Wet 2 Straight Flat Iron? Considering that there are more satisfactory than unsatisfactory customer reviews, then, yes, you have to. The rapid rate of warmth of this certain Remington hair straightener model eliminates the must usage additional warm of a blow dryer which have the right to damages hair.

Remember that old adage about getting what you pay for? Price does issue when it comes to level irons. Just bereason it’s cheap doesn’t expect it won’t work and also just bereason it’s expensive doesn’t intend it will certainly. The value-for-your-money Remington straightener is priced sensibly for the satisfactory performance it does eincredibly time it’s used; you can’t ask for even more than that in any flat iron.

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