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Reflection via Two Children (self portrait)
Artist: Lucian Freud Created: 1985 Dimensions (cm): 51.2 x 56.2 Format: Oil on canvas Location: Private repertoire ‘Reflection with Two Children (Self Portrait)’ is an oil paint created by Lucian Freud in 1965. The artist produced this painting’s unusual point of watch by placing a mirror on the floor at his feet, which permitted him to paint the ceiling as though it surrounded him. Using a palette knife for the background, he swirled the paint versus the canvas to create the illusion of a grey and also voluminous void. The lamp at the top of the photo skilfully reveals the height of the ceiling. The 2 small kids shown in a rather odd, small-range dimension are his very own kids, Rose and Ali Boyt. His vision was inspired by the paint of the tomb of the dwarf seneb that is maintained at the Cairo Museum in Egypt. The immensity of his self portrait juxtaposed versus the smallness of his youngsters may incredibly well be representative of Freud’s feeling of prestige. ‘Reflection with Two Children (Self Portrait)’ appears to warn its viewer of the leading male on the canvas, a man not to be reckoned via.Analysis and ReviewsClat an early stage cultivating the belief that much even more than a photo have the right to be viewed in his paintings, Lucian Freud stated, “Everything is autobiographical and also whatever is a portrait.” Peter Schjeldahl, art doubter of the New Yorker Magazine, reviewed Freud’s paint ‘Reflection through Two Small Children (Self Portrait)’ in a 2002 exhibition, and also remarked: “Freud"s self-portraits are photos around the ordeal of ambition. They put the artist not only on check out however on trial. Is he measuring up? In a bizarre painting from 1965, Reflection via Two Children, he (the artist) looms as a truculent however anxious gigantic, looking himself in the eye.

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The children—his daughters—appear as tiny, marginal imperiods, suggesting remote pertains to.” ‘Reflection through Two Children (Self Portrait)’ is presently situated at Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza in Madrid, Spain. Home | Art Prints | Art Movements | Famous Artists | Articles Privacy plan | Contact us