Group: Chapter 2 - Horseshoe Overlook

Category: Story Mission

This mission will be accessible after the completion of The First Shall be Last mission. When you return to your camp, one of the women will tell you that John Marston demands to stop to you. Find him and talk to him.

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John will share his setup for a train robbery with you. For the setup to succeed, you"ll need to steal the oil wagon - it"ll be your job. After speaking through him, 2 such wagons will certainly be marked on your map.

Following Mury-Beth"s train lead, John and Arthur plan to steal an oil wagon to block the tracks.

Gold Medal Checklist

Deliver the wagon to the drop off within 1 minute 45 seconds

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Prior missions

To start Pouring Forth Oil I-III you must initially complete The First Shall be Last.

Objectives of Pouring Forth Oil I-III

1. Steal an Oil Wagon

Two oil wagons have to be marked on your map. One of them will most likely be in Valentine and the various other one in Heartlands Oil Fields factory.

Note: One of the wagons, the one from Valentine, can take a trip on roadways between tvery own and manufacturing facility.

The wagon parked in Valentine is a lot easier to steal without raising an alarm. All you need to do is wait for the right minute until there is no witness nearby. But it is certainly too much amethod from the drop off area and you won"t have the ability to deliver it in time, so steal it just if you do not treatment about earning a gold medal.

If you desire to earn the gold medal, the you have to steal the wagon parked in a guarded location in the Heartlands Oil Fields manufacturing facility, or a wagon traveling on the roadways close to that location.

Note: Before you try to steal the wagon you have the right to try to silently kill the guard at the gate, which will make stealing the car much easier.

Wait until there are as few guards as possible in the location about the wagon, then hop over the fence directly behind the wagon. If anyone notices this, you have actually a few moments before they start shooting at you.

Get in the wagon, drive out with the gate and then gently to the right to the other side of the railmeans tracks. Then proceed directly ahead in the direction of your location.

Many likely, a couple of guards will seek you. You have to remove them before they kill you or reason the oil tank to explode.

2. Drive the wagon to the drop off location

Arthur steals an oil wagon to usage in the train job being planned by John.

Drive as quick as you have the right to to the drop off location and also park the wagon beside the damages of the burnt-out home. In order to earn the gold medal you should do it within 1 minute and also 45 secs.

3. Tell John earlier at camp that the wagon is in position

Your steed is most likely past the array you can contact it from. If you carry out not desire to return on foot, go to a adjacent secure and also use the alternative to retrieve your horse.

Go back to the camp and also let John recognize the oil wagon is in its area.

John and also Arthur discuss the last plans prior to the train task.

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You"ll resolve the last details of the train robbery and John will leave to prepare for it. While waiting for a robbery you deserve to complete a new mission that will become easily accessible - A Fisher of Men, or sleep till the next morning. When you do this, an additional marker have to appear on the map in the area wright here you left the stolen wagon.