Banded Gila Monsters are vibrantly colored venomous lizards, though they are a lot more fearful of human beings in Red Dead Redemption 2 than in actual life and also are thought about non-aggressive creatures in the game.

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Found solely in New Austin, these desert dwellers love to skitter around and cover a surpclimbing amount of ground while they’re at it. So if you're on the hunt for Banded Gila Monsters in RDR2 or busting out some Daily Challenges in Red Dead Online, store your eyes peeled, specifically when riding through the Cholla Springs and Rio Bravo areas.

Banded Gila Monster Locations

Hamlin’s Passing is a great place to start your search, north of Ridgehardwood Farm in the northwest region of Cholla Springs. Banded Gila Monsters choose to roam almost everywhere this northern section of Cholla Springs, making a spotty trail of neighborhood habitats east toward Armadillo. From the tvery own of Armadillo, follow the north road that leads up past the eastern of Twin Rocks, and also you need to discover several even more Gila Monsters alengthy your method. You may uncover them skittering alongside patches of road between Ridgelumber Farm and also Odd Fellow’s Rest also. There have additionally been Banded Gila Monster Sightings at the northernmany point and also eastern edge of Jordan’s Gap. The lands west and also east of Mercer Station are locations through a greater concentration of lizard task. RELATED: Red Dead Redemption 2's Alligators Were Originally Meant To Attack Horses

Another sweet spot is the area neighboring Lake Don Julio’s northwestern shores. Continuing from Don Julio, the lands even more southwest alengthy the Rio Bravo border have the right to periodically harbor Gila Monsters. Crossing the border right into Rio Bravo, one of the Gila Monster’s favorite hangouts is alengthy the shore of Saint Luis River, nearly all the method to Plainview. These southernmost dwellers prefer to stick to the rivers, so proceed scoping the creeks that branch north of the Saint Luis. Follow the rivers to the southeastern and also west of Ft Mercer, wbelow a couple of less popular lizard residences are located. From that western place, continue searching the land also sprawling all between Fort Mercer and Benedict Pass as Banded Gila Monster spawns can be reasonably sporadic all throughout this area.

If you’re still having actually concerns tracking these reptiles, remember that Gila Monsters are vulnerable to nocturnal activity. Additionally, if you’re searching for a perfect hide to meet a Daily Challenge, you’ll have to hunt with a Varmint Rifle particularly in order to preserve a Perfect Banded Gila Monster’s spectacular scales.


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