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Offering a refreshingly mature twist on indie pop, Rainbow Kitten Surprise’s 3rd album ‘How to: Friend, Love, Freefall’ reaffirms their capacity to at the same time break and also soothe the hearts of listeners

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Try not to kill yourself today,” pleads Rainbow Kitten Surprise frontmale Sam Melo on track ten, “Painkillers,” off the band’s 3rd LP. Released in April via Elektra Records (thereby marking RKS’ deyet on a major label), How to: Friend, Love, Freefall, is aptly called. While moments within its thirteenager songs carry out the heat, comfortable feeling of a close frifinish, various other moments suddenly make your heart drop right into a pit of all-encompassing emotion: Basically, a freeautumn.

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‘How To: Friend, Love, Freefall’ – Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Rainbow Kitten Surprise began recording music in a dorm room at Appalachian State University, however also dating back to their initially EPs, the now-five item continuously prove their depth and also profoundness as songauthors and artists. Their sound is wealthy, folksy, dramatic, sometimes whimsical, and overbearingly soulful. Rainbow Kitten Surprise put a refreshingly mature twist on indie pop that has become just increasingly sleek in the time of the progression of their career.

It’s Called: Freefall” possibly best exemplifies the strangely beautiful sinking feeling that How To… elicits. Goosebump-inducing harmonies dazzle the haunting melody, in which they continuously croon about the art of letting go.

Don’t gain me ventingon friends who resent you‘Cause all you’ve ever before doneis been a noose to hang on toThey thought was a necklaceand reckless they fell intoHell where you both hangthrough nopoint to do butScratch, kick, let gravity win likeFuck this, let gravity win likeYou can leave it all behind,also the Devil need timealone sometimesYou can let it all go,you might let it all goIt’s Called: FreefallIt’s Called: Freefall

The coming before track, “Fever before Pitch,” proves Rainbow Kitten Surpincrease have the right to carry out groovy and also upbeat simply and also mellow. As the album’s lead single, it features some of RKS’ the majority of raucous drumming and also heavy bass-thumping to date. Brimming via addictive “ah-ah” vocals in the background, it’s a difficulty to withstand dancing alengthy, as exemplified by the accompanying music video.

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The uptempo beat returns for the spitting verses of “When It Lands,” as well as “Hide,” a poignant LGBT anthem wrange in between twiddling guitar riffs that lead as much as a passionate, screaming breakdvery own in the last percentage of the song, that makes for a jaw-dropping experience in the time of live concerts.