The Book of Eli is a television regime that showed up on TV in 1970 . The Book of Eli finished in 1970.

It features Joel Silver; Susan Downey; Anattracted Kosove; Broderick Johnson; Denzel Washington as producer, Atticus Ross; Leopold Ross, and Claudia Sarne in charge of musical score, and Don Burgess (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

The Publication of Eli is videotaped in English and also initially aired in USA. Each episode of The Book of Eli is 117 minutes lengthy. The Book of Eli is distributed by Warner Bros., and also Summit Entertainment.

The cast includes: Denzel Washington as Eli, Mila Kunis as Solara, Gary Oldmale as Carnegie, Ray Stevenson as Redridge, Chris Browning as Hijack Leader, Chris Browning as Hijacker, Jennifer Beals as Claudia, Malcolm McDowell as Lombardi, Evan Jones as Martz, Michael Gambon as George, Joe Pingue as Hoyt, Tom Waits as Engineer, and Frances de la Tour as Martha.

The Book of Eli Quotes

Evan Jones as Martz

(Evan Jones) "That was my cat." (Denzel Washington) "Fine specimen." (Evan Jones) "I observed you knock him off the bar." (Denzel Washington) "No. I type of shooed him. I didn"t really knock him --" (Evan Jones) "You elevated your hand at him." (Denzel Washington) "Won"t take place again, I promise you." (Bartender) "Hey, Martz, how around one more drink?" (Evan Jones) "That cat"s been coming below for two years. Its gained even more appropriate to be below than you." (Denzel Washington) "I do not desire any kind of trouble." (Evan Jones) "Well that"s as well bad. Cuz you gained --" (Denzel Washington) ""I recognize that you are. Murderer of innocent travelers on the road. You"re gonna be hosted to account for the points you"ve done, perform you recognize that? Do you?"

Gary Oldguy as Carnegie

(Gary Oldman) "Ask and also you shall obtain. God is good, is he not?" (Denzel Washington) "All the time." (Gary Oldman) "Not all the moment." (Gary Oldman) "I require that book, I want that book, I want you to remain but if you make me have to pick I"ll kill you and also take that book" (Denzel Washington) "Why, why do you want it?" (Gary Oldman) "I grew up via that book, I recognize its power." (Gary Oldman) "And that are you?" (Denzel Washington) "Nobody." (Gary Oldman) "Oh, I doubt that. The males you killed in my bar, now they were nobody." (Gary Oldman) "Is he staying?" (Mila Kunis) "We didn"t carry out much talking." (Jennifer Beals) "Solara honey, eat something." (Mila Kunis) "Mom, offer me your hand also. Cshed your eyes. Mom, trust me -- Dear Lord." (Mila Kunis) "We thank you for our food. Thank you for my mother. Thank you for the roof over our heads and also our brand-new friends. And, uh -- Well, I guess that"s all for currently." (Gary Oldman) "Aguys. That"s the word you"re searching for, Amales. That"s how you speak. You sassist you didn"t talk a lot. But did he carry out any kind of reading? -- I asked you a question." (Jennifer Beals) "Bill, don"t." (Gary Oldman) "You, shut your mouth." (Gary Oldman) "You"re hurting your mom, Solara. He sassist he read eexceptionally day. Did he?" (Mila Kunis) "Speak it." (Gary Oldman) "Your mommy would prefer you to tell me." (Mila Kunis) "I don"t understand. I do not know -- Yes, okay. Yes, yes, he was analysis." (Gary Oldman) "What type of book was he reading?" (Mila Kunis) "I do not understand. I do not recognize. An old leather one." (Gary Oldman) "And?" (Mila Kunis) "I don"t know, it had some kind of point on the front of it." (Gary Oldman) "Sjust how me." (Mila Kunis) "I require you to let her go." (Gary Oldman) "Sjust how me."

Denzel Washington as Eli

(Denzel Washington) "Write everything specifically as I say it. The first book of Moses, referred to as Genesis. Chapter 1, verse 1. In the start God created the heaven and the earth." (Denzel Washington) "Verse 2. And the earth was without create, and also void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God relocated upon the confront of the waters." (Denzel Washington) "Verse 3. And God sassist, Let tbelow be light: and tright here was light." (Denzel Washington) "People had actually even more than they required. We had actually no idea what was valuable and what wasn"t. We threw away things world kill each various other for currently." (Unnamed) "Please, do not hurt me. Here, take anything you want. You desire some food? Take it." (Denzel Washington) "I"m not gonna hurt you." (Unnamed) "Yeah? That"s what the last man shelp. Could -- might you help me? The wheel came off. I can not settle it. Maybe if I -- if I might -- however I can not." (Denzel Washington) "You understand the only excellent thing around no soap -- is that you have the right to smell hijackers a mile off." (Denzel Washington) "Thank you lord for a heat bed to sleep on, give thanks to you for the food we are around to eat, thank you for a roof over our heads on cold nights such as this, thank you for companionship in difficult times prefer these, Aguys." (Denzel Washington) "We gotta go currently." (Mila Kunis) "They eliminated all these human being." (Denzel Washington) "Not simply eliminated them, they ate them." (Mila Kunis) "Her hands, her hands were shaking." (Denzel Washington) "Too much humale meat. Let"s go." (Denzel Washington) "Did you acquire blinded by the war or the sunlight after?" (Jennifer Beals) "I was prefer this because birth, I was lucky, I was already used to living choose this" (Denzel Washington) "I prefer the perfume" (Jennifer Beals) "Its just shampoo yet give thanks to you" (Denzel Washington) "In all these years I"ve been transferring it and also analysis it eexceptionally day, I acquired so recorded up in keeping it safe that I forgot to live by what I learned from it." (Unnamed) "Wbelow are you going?" (Denzel Washington) "West" (Unnamed) "Can I come with you?" (Denzel Washington) "No" (Denzel Washington) "The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He renders me to lie down in green pastures: he leads me beside the still waters.He restores my spirit he leadeth me in the routes of righteousness for his name"s sake, though I walk with the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for thou art with me" (Mila Kunis) "That"s beautiful, did you create that?" (Denzel Washington) "Yes, I did." (Denzel Washington) "No, no. No. No, that was around a long time before you and also I obtained below, that"s for sure."

Mila Kunis as Solara

(Mila Kunis) "What was it like before?" (Denzel Washington) "People had more than they required, world didn"t know what was precious and also what wasn"t, human being threw amethod points they kill each various other for currently." (Mila Kunis) "Can I come in?" (Denzel Washington) "Give me a minute." (Denzel Washington) "Someone already came via food and also water. I got everything I require." (Mila Kunis) "Are you certain around that? It"s really bright in below. I"m Solara." (Denzel Washington) "Right. You filled my canteen downstairs." (Mila Kunis) "Yeah. You"re the walker, right?" (Denzel Washington) "Right." (Mila Kunis) "If; if you"re worried about paying, it"s on the residence." (Denzel Washington) "Look. Paying for what?" (Mila Kunis) "Why do not you take a seat?" (Mila Kunis) "No." (Mila Kunis) "No, I can"t go. I can"t. If I perform, he"ll hurt my mommy." (Denzel Washington) "Who?" (Mila Kunis) "Carnegie." (Denzel Washington) "He"s your father?" (Mila Kunis) "No, no, however we belengthy to him just the very same. Look, I"ll sleep on the floor. Tomorrow you can tell him you had actually an excellent time. I promise you, I will be no trouble. Please." (Mila Kunis) "I desire to come with you." (Denzel Washington) "No, you do not." (Mila Kunis) "I hate it below." (Denzel Washington) "Then change it." (Mila Kunis) "I didn"t think you"d ever before give up the book, I assumed it was as well essential to you" (Denzel Washington) "It was, I was transferring and also analysis it day-to-day, gained so recorded up in protecting it, I forobtained to live by what I"d learnt from it" (Mila Kunis) "And what"s that?" (Denzel Washington) "To carry out even more for others than you perform for yourself" (Mila Kunis) "Do you really review the exact same book everyday?" (Denzel Washington) "Without fail." (Mila Kunis) "What perform we do?" (Frances de la Tour) "I understand what the fuck I"m doing." (Mila Kunis) "You recognize that voice you heard, did it say anything around this?" (Denzel Washington) "We"ll get out. Both of us." (Michael Gambon) "What about us?" (Denzel Washington) "Didn"t say anypoint around you." (Mila Kunis) "You are such a liar." (Denzel Washington) "I"m not a liar." (Mila Kunis) "You said I could come through you if I took you to the water." (Denzel Washington) "I didn"t say that, you shelp that, the road"s no area for someone favor you, trust me, you"re safter there than you think." (Mila Kunis) "Hey." (Denzel Washington) "Yeah?" (Mila Kunis) "Fuck you."

Chris Browning as Hijacker

(Chris Browning) "What ya gained tbelow in that pack?" (Denzel Washington) "What pack?" (Chris Browning) "He gained a gun." (Chris Browning) "Shit, it ain"t loaded. Oh, they never before are. Ain"t that appropriate, old man? Open the fill and guideline it out on the road nice and sluggish." (Denzel Washington) "Can"t carry out that." (Chris Browning) "Take off the fucking load. And put it on the ground. Or DIE." (Young Womale Hijacker) "Ooooh." (Chris Browning) "Are you listening to me?" (Denzel Washington) "I am now." (Chris Browning) "Good." (Denzel Washington) "You listening to me?" (Chris Browning) "Yeah." (Denzel Washington) "Good. Put that hand also on me aobtain, you will not get it earlier." (Chris Browning) "Do you think this fucking guy? All ideal, you want to perform it the difficult method." (Chris Browning) "How"d you execute that? He just reduced my hand off. What are you standing around for? Kiss him." (Chris Browning) "What"d he say?" (Denzel Washington) "He"s in shock. I think he supposed, "Kill him.""

Malcolm McDowell as Lombardi

(Malcolm McDowell) "There"s a totality series of beautiful Mozart and Wagner records, in still extremely pristine problem. But, never before a Holy bible. Until now. May I ask what problem it"s in?" (Denzel Washington) "It"s beat up. But it will certainly perform the job." (Malcolm McDowell) "You do not have to leave, you know. You"re even more than welconcerned stay. You"ll be perfectly safe here." (Mila Kunis) "Thank you. But this is somepoint I need to perform." (Malcolm McDowell) "Where will certainly you go?" (Mila Kunis) "Home."

Tom Waits as Engineer

Jennifer Beals as Claudia

(Jennifer Beals) "Where"s Solara?" (Gary Oldman) "Out tbelow -- her option. I tried to -- bring her back. She refsupplied." (Jennifer Beals) "What did you perform that she refused?" (Gary Oldman) "Read it." (Jennifer Beals) "What did you do to my daughter?" (Gary Oldman) "Read it." (Jennifer Beals) "What did you do to my daughter?" (Gary Oldman) "You can begin any type of time." (Jennifer Beals) "Sorry. It"s been so lengthy, I don"t remember." (Gary Oldman) "Read it --" (Jennifer Beals) "Do I have actually to? Really?" (Gary Oldman) "No, you need to -- please --." (Jennifer Beals) "Your leg." (Gary Oldman) "It does not hurt anyeven more." (Jennifer Beals) "I deserve to smell it." (Jennifer Beals) "You functioned so hard for that book. You sacrificed so much, so many type of males. More than you might spare." (Jennifer Beals) "Now, all those civilization who were as well scared to even say your name, they"re downstairs, tearing up the bar appropriate currently, did you understand that? And there"s no one tbelow to stop them. And you"re feverish." (Jennifer Beals) "I can not imagine what it should feel favor to have actually what you desire so cshed, and also it might too be a million miles away." (Gary Oldman) "Speak it --. are you leaving me? Claudia." (Gary Oldman) "Claudia."

Joe Pingue as Hoyt

(Joe Pingue) "It"s choose he"s protected someexactly how.

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Like there"s nopoint that can touch him" (Gary Oldman) "Oh, he"s just a fucking male. You put a bullet in him, he"ll go dvery own prefer any other."

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