“Prayer the Source of Faith and Learning”Thomas TroegerThe Faith We Sing, No. 2004


Thomas Troeger

Worship the Source of confidence and also learningthat has sparked and stoked the mindvia a passion for discerningjust how the world has actually been designed.Let the feeling of wonder flowingfrom the wonders we surveystore our confidence forever growingand also rebrand-new our must pray.*Thomas Troeger (b. 1945), currently the J. Edward and also Ruth Cox Lantz Professor of Christian Communication at Yale Divinity School, was commissioned in 1986 to write this message for Walcarry out Beach (1916-2001), who was then retiring as professor of Christian principles at Fight It Out College. The hymn is based upon Duke’s motto, "Eruditio et Religio,” translating approximately as “Faith and Learning.” Publimelted in 1987 and also revised in 1989, this hymn appears in The Faith We Sing through 4 stanzas. Stanza one does not name God, yet lists God’s qualities. The poet makes us curious about our faith and also education and learning because God is “the source of faith and learning.” Mr. Troeger reminds us that whenever we discover brand-new areas or concepts, we need to remajor humble and also remember to feed our confidence with prayer. In stanza two, the author says that even though we have learned much from the arts and also scientific researches, the truth we learn from them is something deeper. God is the resource of wisdom and also knowledge. Our finite minds are unable to calculate God’s objectives for production and also the interpretation of life. In stanza 3, Mr. Troeger prental fees that “belief redeem the blunder” that has actually led humankind to think that we are on the very same level via God. May our prospering wisdom and also knowledge diminish the fallacies of an “unreasoning faith” such as hatred and violence based upon “antiquated” and also oppressive theological assumptions. Finally, in stanza four, the writer employs an effective metaphor of 2 currents in a river: faith and finding out. At first, the currental fees fight for control and also suddenly, they unite and also develop a steady circulation. Then, the last expression in the stanza petitions God to do the very same in us. May our confidence and also finding out “blend . . . till they share a single course” so they may bond, and also so that all honor, glory and praise return to God, “the resource of confidence and finding out.” “Worship the Source of Faith and also Learning” is paired via the hymn tune HYFRYDOL written by Welsh composer Rowland also H. Prichard (1811-1877). He was a worker in the textile market and created many type of tunes that were basic, but effective. Many kind of of them were published in Welsh periodicals. The expansive nature of Prichard’s tune is a great vehicle for the sweeping phrases and much longer sentences that characterize Mr. Troeger’s poeattempt. However, a tune used through this text in various other hymnals is PROCESSION, composed by William Hugh Albideal (b. 1944). The composer was commissioned to write the music in 1992 for the 12fifth anniversary of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Ann Arbor, Mich. This tune shows up in the United Church of Christ arsenal, The New Century Hymnal (1995), and the Universalist-Unitarian hymnal, Singing the Living Tradition (1993). Mr. Troeger, a aboriginal of New York, graduated from Yale College and Colgate Rochester Divinity School, and also has obtained honorary doctoprices from Dickinson College and Virginia Theological Seminary. He offered New Hartford Presbyterian Church as associate pastor before teaching at Colgate Rochester/Bexley Hall/Crozer Theological Seminary in Rochester, N.Y. After serving from 1991 to 2005 as the Ralph E. and also Norma E. Peck professor of preaching and communication at Iliff School of Theology in Denver, he was jointly appointed to Yale Divinity School and also Yale Institute of Sacred Music. He is the writer of 20 books in the areas of pgetting to, poetry, hymnody and also worship. His hymns, published in numerous quantities by Oxford College Press, appear in basically all major hymnals publimelted because the late 1980s. Mr. Troeger is dually ordained in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and also the Episcopal Church.

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He is additionally a musician, having actually studied flute through John Oberbrunner at Syracuse School of Music.