And various other musings on pet parasites

It’s a distinctive minute of dread that many pet owners can relate to. You’re hanging through your furry friend, doing something regime, like cuddling on the couch or picking up after them during a walk, and then you check out it. Something relocating, somepoint alive, something that shouldn’t be there.

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Yep — your pal’s acquired parasites.

Internal and outside parasites are more common in the time of warm summer months, yet don’t panic. Animal Humane Society has you spanned with the best means to prevent and also treat the little buggers.

Prevention is essential for all parasites! We indicate year-round prevention to all pet owners.

External parasites

Parasites that live on the external of our pets like fleas, ticks, lice, and also ear mites are recognized as outside parasites. These peskies ride-alongs deserve to reason whatever from mild irritation to significant clinical concerns. Fortunately, outside parasites are straightforward to treat and preventable with the appropriate procedures.


Fleas: Fleas are a hard parawebsite bereason they multiply quick and also obtain ideal to infestation. They’re tiny, like a piece of ground, black pepper. You deserve to recognize a flea from other parasites by its ability to hop approximately on your pet. Lice: Lice are tiny parasites that live on the hair of their host. All kinds of pets, consisting of people, deserve to get lice. Fortunately, lice are “species-certain,” which indicates you can’t catch lice from your pet.

Prevention and also treatment

Apply topical insecticides or give dental medications that kill frental fees, ticks, and lice each month. Since all of these parasites are widespread in Minnesota — and also have actually also been spotted in colder months — we very recommend year-round avoidance. There are many kind of choices for outside parasite prevention, and the majority are easily accessible without a prescription. Talk to your veterinarian about which is best for your pet.

Ear mites: Ear mites are tiny parasites that live in the ear canals of dogs and also cats. They execute not infect world, but are transmittable to other dogs and cats. Ear mites are invisible to the naked eye, yet pet owners can see proof of them. Your pet will certainly display signs of severe itchiness, and also a peek inside their ear will certainly disclose babsence earwax that looks like coffee grounds.

Prevention and also treatment

Ear mites are treated via a topical medication and continual ear cleanings to remove the mites. You’ll have to see your vet to diagnose ear mites and also carry out the appropriate topical medication for your pet. Ear mites commonly resolve after a few weeks of therapy.


Internal parasites

Internal parasites, especially those that influence the intestines, are common in all animals. Pets are normally infected by ingesting eggs or larval versions of parasites uncovered in the setting. Eating birds, rodents, or frental fees deserve to be a source of infection. Puppies and also kit10s deserve to also come to be infected by their mom in utero.

Some interior parasites (listed with an *) can spcheck out to people via call through your animal’s feces. Good hygiene considerably minimizes any kind of risk. Almethods pick up and effectively dispose of your pet’s stool and also clean the impacted location as soon as feasible. Then wash those hands! 

*Roundworms: Roundworms are the the majority of common intestinal parawebsite in dogs and cats. Adult worms are around 2-6 inches lengthy and resemble thin spaghetti noodles in your pet’s stool.Hookworms: Hookworms are fairly common parasites too, however you’re not likely to see them in your furry friend’s feces. The worms “hook” into the lining of the intestines and also actually feed off the host’s blood. This have the right to reason anemia in small or exceptionally young pets. Whipworms: Whipworms are little, thin worms with a tail that looks like a whip. They dig their tail into the lining of an animal’s huge intestine, leading to irritation and also diarrhea. *Tapeworms: Tapeworms are commonly diagnosed as soon as pet owners notice little white segments that look prefer grains of rice in their pet’s stool or about their rectum. Tapeworms live off food in your pet’s intestines. Pets gain tapeworms by eating an intermediate host choose a mouse or flea. 

Prevention and treatment

Roundworms, Hookworms, Whipworms, and also Tapeworms deserve to be killed via dewormers. Your vet will certainly prescribe the ideal kind of dewormer for your pet’s needs. Repeat doses are typically crucial, so be certain to follow your vet’s instructions closely. 


*Coccidia: Coccidia are microscopic organisms that live in the lining of the gut and also have the right to cause diarrhea. Coccidia is spread from animal to pet via infected feces. *Giardia: Giardia are intestinal parasites that live in moist environments, especially ones where tright here is standing water. Animals deserve to become infected after ingesting the parasite in puddles or ponds, or coming in call with an additional infected animal.

Prevention and treatment

There are many kind of various ways to treat Coccidia and Giardia including dewormers, antibiotics, and also supportive care. Both parasites have the right to reason dehydration, which is especially dangerous for kit10s and also puppies. Visit your vet to recognize the best therapy for your pet.

Heartworms: Heartworms are the most dangerous and also harmful parasite for your pet. Potentially fatal, heartworms are spreview via the bite of infected mosquitoes. Because avoidance is somewhat costly, many pet owners just give their pet preventatives during the summer months. We recommend providing your pet preventatives year-round. If they contract heartworm, the cost of therapy deserve to quickly exceed thousands of dollars.

Prevention and also treatment

Heartworm prevention comes in the develop of a simple monthly pill — which normally additionally contain avoidance for intestinal parasites. Bonus! You must note that giving your pet heartworm prevention while they’re infected with heartworm deserve to be dangerous, so you need to constantly test them before beginning preventatives.

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Think your pet has parasites and also need an professional opinion? Reach out to your veterinarian. Or view if you qualify for Animal Humane Society Veterinary Centers wright here we administer high-top quality care for pets and people in need.