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The poem "Comin Thro" the Rye" byScottish writerRobert Burns(1759–1796),is probably finest known bereason of Holden Caulfield"s misinterpretation of it in J.D. Salinger"s novel"The Catcher in the Rye." Instead of "meeting" a body in the rye, he remembers it as "catching" a body. Discussing the poem with his sister, Phoebe, Holden tells her a fantasy that he isa rescuer of kids playing in a field of rye, and also he is catching them before they loss off a cliff.

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The reference to the poem in "The Catcher in the Rye" has actually triggered authors and scholars to take a look at the source as soon as mentioning the novel. The poem was written with aScottish dialect;draigl"ttranslates todrags;weettowet;gintoonce or if,depending on the interpretation;ilka toevery; loe to love;waur toworse off;andkentoknow. Depending on the source, the last line of the second verse has a duration or a question note, and also the 3rd verse has a question note or an exclamation point. Note: The second setting wasn"t signed by Burns yet is extensively welcomed as being by him.

Comin thro the rye, poor body,Comin thro the rye,She draigl"t a"her petticoatie,Comin thro" the rye.

Chorus:O, Jenny"s a" weet, negative body,Jenny"s rarely dry;She draigl"t a" her petticoattieComin thro" the rye.Gin a body meet a bodyComin thro" the rye,Gin a body kiss a body—Need a body cry.

Gin a body accomplish a body, comin thro" the rye,Gin a body kiss a body, need a body cry;Ilka body has a body, ne"er a ane hae I;But a" the lads they loe me, and also what the waur am I.

Gin a body meet a body, comin frae the well,Gin a body kiss a body, require a body tell;Ilka body has actually a body, ne"er a ane hae I,But a the lads they loe me, and what the waur am I.

Gin a body satisfy a body, comin frae the town,Gin a body kiss a body, require a body gloom;Ilka Jenny has her Jockey, ne"er a ane hae I,But a" the lads they loe me, and what the waur am I.

How the Poem Relates to 'Catcher in the Rye'

The poem"s template is the question of whether casual sex is OK. "Meeting" a body in a area isn"t just running throughout someone and also saying hello. The poem asks "Need a body cry?" as in—"Is it worth acquiring upcollection over?"

This relates to Salinger"s novel because thesex question is a source of moral conflict inside the 16-year-old Holden. Saving children from falling off a cliff, then, in his fantasy, have the right to be corresponded to helping youngsters store their innocence as lengthy as possible.

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