Piercing & Service Prices

Your anatomy might not permit for some of these piercings, have actually an alternative choice ready just in instance.

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We sell Curated Ear and Body Piercings.

We perform not pierce with ear piercing weapons or usage continuous stud earrings.

Jewelry purchased in other places need to accomplish market criteria, be complimentary of nicks and scratches, and still be in the original package. Tright here is a possibility that we will not pierce via it. It may be the wrong size, material, or style for the piercing you wish to obtain. We save all jewelry in stock that are appropriate for any piercing we perform.

Masks are compelled aobtain for everyone because of the brand-new CDC guidelines.

Minor Booking appointment

Please, see what you need for all solutions page for piercings that we percreate on minors.

We no much longer pierce big groups of human being. We can just allow 2 civilization getting pierced in the room at a time. Please, book a BUDDY PIERCING if you wish to gain pierced through a family members member or frifinish utilizing the botton below.

Book a Buddy Piercing Appointment 18+



*over 5 removals $10

Publication a Removal 18+


Fitting - Stretch approximately 4 piercings; over 4 prices will certainly go up.

Publication a fitting, stretch or Jewelry Upgrade 18+

$25 each*

Lobe**, Stacked Lobe (high lobe), Flat & Helix (Rim)** Nostril***, Brow, or Navel

Special Piercing Price: **Lobe: $20 each for the second, third, and also 4th during the exact same visit (high lobe not included with special).

**Basic rings start at $19 & basic barbells begin at $20 each through no gem and $35 with a CZ.

***Fixed bead rings (no gems) start at $20, basic (no gem) nostril screws, and $35 with CZ or titanium bb begin at $20 no gem.

Curved barbells for a navel begin at $45 & for brow $33 for an easy Titanium item through no gem.

Please, watch what you need to be pierced page for minor piercings that we perform.

Publication a Ear piercing18+
book a navel piercing 18+
Book a Nostril or brow piercing 18+

$30 each*

Beauty Mark (Monroe), Lip, Labret, Medusa (philtrum), Tongue, Septum, or Nipple

Special Piercing Price: Nipple:$25 for the 2nd in the time of the exact same visit. Titanium barbell starts at $38 each with no gems.

Flatbacks Start at $37 via no gem and also $43 with CZ and rings begin at $16.00 (for side lip only).

Publication a Septum piercing 18+
Book a nipple(s) piercing 18+
Book a dental piercing 18+

$35 each*

Tragus, Forward Helix**, Daith, Rook, Sadhu/Conch (Upper & Lower), Snug, Anti-Tragus, Ashley

Special Piercing Price: **Forward Helix $35 for one, $65 for 2 & $95 for three at the exact same visit.

Basic rings start at $19 & basic titanium barbells start at $20 and also $35 with a CZ.

Book a cartilage piercing 18+
Book an dental piercing 18+

$50 each*

Industrial, Orbital (lobe only), Faux Snug, Surface-to-Surface

Basic rings begin at $20, Industrial barbells start at $38, curved barbells begin at $30, and Surchallenge to Surface bar begin at $45.

Publication a ear piercing 18+
book a surconfront piercing 18+

$55 each*

Male & Female Genital

Basic rings begin at $25 & simple titanium barbells start at $38 and also curved barbells begin at $40.

Your anatomy might not permit for some genital piercings, have an alternative alternative all set just in instance.

Publication a genital piercing 18+


Need Help?

Is tbelow something wrong with your piercing. It does not matter wbelow you got pierced, if you require a piercer we can help.

Cost: Free to look and also advise you on what to execute. If you require or desire brand-new jewelry the expense will certainly differ depending on what you choose.

Removal fee: $10.00, if you require it removed.

Publication Help

*$ varies

*Jewelry not included in the piercing prices above.

Jewelry prices will certainly vary relying on what you select and also what your anatomy will certainly permit.

We bring implant-grade titanium, stainmuch less steel, platinum, and gold to pierce via.

Jewlery Shopping to go appointment (no piercing)

We perform not pierce through ear piercing guns or use continual stud earrings.

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Our studio and digital treatment products array from $5 to $15 a bottle.

Buy Care Products (no piercer needed)

Brands: briotechnology - https://www.briotechusa.com/ - emu oil http://www.desertpalmsemu.com/index.html - h2ocean spray and also mouthwash https://h2ocean.com/ - naked oil and soap - https://industrialstrengthneedles.com/ - steri-wash spray - https://steri-wash.myshopify.com/

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