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Defeat of General Braddock, in the French and Indian War, in Virginia, in 1755. Wood engraving in Ballou"s Pictorial Drawing-Room Companion July 7, 1855.

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Remanufacturing number: LC-USZ62-1473
Life of George Washington. The soldier. (Battle of the Monongahela). Lithograph by Lemercier, 1854, after Stearns.Reproduction number: LC-USZC4-3645 (shade film copy transparency)
Sir William Johnchild, Major General of the English pressures in America. (Three-quarter length). Mezzocolor by Spooner 1756, after T. Adams. Remanufacturing number: LC-USZ62-2695
A see of Louisburg in The United States and Canada, taken close to the lighthouse once that city was besieged in 1758. Engraving by P. Canot, 1762, after Capt. Ince of the 3fifth Reg"t.Remanufacturing number: LC-USZ62-2771
A watch of the taking of Quebeck by the English pressures command by Gen. Wolfe, Sep. 13th, 1759. Engraving in London Magazine, 1760.Remanufacturing number: LC-USZ62-47
Major General James Wolfe. Commander in Chief of His Majesty"s Quebec. (Half-length) Mezzotint by Ch. Spooner after H. SmithRemanufacturing number: LC-USZ62-263
General Wolfe killed at the siege of Quebec, September 14, 1759. Engraving publiburned by W. & J. Stratford, 1792.Remanufacturing number: LC-USZ62-53
The fatality of General Wolfe. Engraving by Wm. Woollett, 1776, after B. West.

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Remanufacturing number: LC-USZ62-111
Mort de Montcalm. Aquatint by Moret, 1789, after Desfontaines.Reproduction number: LC-USZ62-106

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