“Why iii Love the Moon” is the 9th track on Phony Ppl’s fifth album, Yesterday’s Tomorrow. It details the harsh truth that some human being may not have the best intentions… Read More 

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Real love's so tough to findJust once you think you've discovered itThe illusions in your eyesThat's why I love the moonEincredibly night it's there for youIt's constantUnchoose these huguy beingsWho lie about what it appears to beYou think the Earth is where you standYou're in the palm of someone's handAnd that's why I love the moon'Cause it's always tbelow for meEvery night up out my windowAnd that's why I love the moon'Causage it's constantly tright here for meEincredibly single night I look outsideIt's appropriate tright here for meAnd my mindAnd that's why I love the moon, yeahDue to the fact that human being can consume my loveIn the wrong waySo I sfinish it upAt night, at night, at night

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Real love's so tough to findJust when you think you've discovered itThe illusions in your eyes, it blindsSo be mindful wright here you look for love, ohhJust be careful wbelow you look for love, ohhReal love's so hard to findJust when you think you've found itThe illusions in your eyes, it blinds us allSo be mindful wbelow you look for love-oveJust be cautious where you look for love, ohhYo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yoYo, that's why I let the moon shine('Causage via the moment I've been puzzled on exactly how to move on)I'm stuck in between what wasn't and what can be the reality, ha(Still up tryna escape the demons in my room, yo)You watch it's no readjust droppin' we learn to preserve profitAnd how might anybody else feel pain once they brainwash us?And watch us eextremely time we make exchanges (We slaves)Locked in a box, we usage our mind simply to escape all the exact same shitI'm exhausted of the painLove is blind to the flameThat's why I look up, never before hide behind sky's as soon as it rainPromises cooked up exercisin' through denyin' the painThat's why I look for methods uncover whatever before lies in the rain'Cause shit changeI don't blame my father for lampin' I believe that helpedWent from tryna prosper as your child to tryna grow as myselfSo understand also it as soon as I'm stranded, takin' chancesKnow I require that fallFlat on my ago, you just relax and also kick your seat ago, uh'Causage once you thinkThat's when you let time run and escape what your mind lovingThat's what you thinkSo what you think?If love was straightforward to discover, we wouldn't require it to finish our livesSo