by Adeola (Last Updated On: February 22, 2021)

Aside from twist-outs and crochet braids, an additional popular organic hairstyles are perm rod sets. This hairstyle is as beautiful as it’s romantic. If you’re the form that can’t braid, twist or do cornrows, you’re in luck because perm rod sets don’t require any kind of hairstyling abilities. All you must execute is to wrap your hair around the perm rods, let your hair air dry, and also then remove the perm rods after your hair has actually completely dried out! How easy!

In this write-up, I will certainly be talking in-depth about perm rod sets, just how to acquire them done, exactly how to preserve your hairstyle so that they last longer, and the commodities and devices you’ll need to obtain them done. And as usual, I will be sharing forty different perm rod sets hairlayouts on different natural hair textures, hair kinds, and hair size. This means, you deserve to have actually a realistic expectation of how your hair must rotate out if you choose to get this hairstyle done.

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Are perm rods a protective hairstyle?

Perm rods have the right to be considered a protective hairstyle if you don’t over manipulate your hair and also you store your ends protected so that it doesn’t rub against your shoulders too a lot. Because this hairstyle enhances your hair’s organic curls, you deserve to feel confident learning that your curls will certainly reprimary healthy and balanced while you have actually this hairstyle.

How long does a perm rod collection last on herbal hair?

A perm rod collection hairstyle have the right to last up to 2 weeks or more relying on how you take treatment of your hair at night once you go to bed and also just how you protect your hair in the shower.

How do you keep a perm rod collection hairstyle?

Maintaining a perm rod hairstyle is basic. All you should execute is to keep them moisturized in the time of the week by making use of a curl refreshing spray such as Mielle Organics Pomegranate & Honey Curl Refreshing Spray.It’s necessary to usage a leave-in spray so that you don’t disturb your curls by trying to apply a cream-based lotion straight to your hair.

How do I keep my perm rod curled at night?

At night, be sure to put your hair right into a pineapple, which is pretty much an afro puff. This keeps your hair up, so that the curls aren’t disturbed while you sleep at night. If you have actually brief hair, you deserve to just put your hair into 2-4 loose mini puffs, so your curls remains together.

To store your curls together, use a satin bonnet, and also sleep on a satin pillowsituation in case your bonnet slips out at night. For more tips on a nighttime regime for flexi rod collection hairstyle, please check out this video by Daye La Soul wbelow she detailed her 10 days night regime.

How carry out you execute a perm rod set on herbal hair?

Tright here are so many video tutorials on YouTube that reflects exactly how to execute perm rods. You might should pick a tutorial via a vlogger who has a comparable hair texture and also size as you, so you deserve to have actually a realistic expectation on exactly how your hair will certainly turn out.

But after scouring YouTube, I have the right to confidently recommfinish this tutorial by Jasmine Janae who mirrors just how to acquire the best perm rod sets in a step-by-action tutorial using Cantu coconut curling cream.

A good perm rods collection hairstyle starts via a good wash day. You desire to make sure you wash and deep condition your hair prior to styling. This photographic summarizes just how to acquire the best rod sets hairstyle. You have the right to usage whatever product you have in stock.

Insituation your hairstyle didn’t rotate out to look great the initially time, be willing to save trying. A lot of YouTubers will try a hairstyle a few times prior to doing a video clip around it. And occasionally it’s a hit or miss out on, relying on the commodities and also strategy provided. So i wouldn’t encourage you to offer up if your hairstyle turn out frizzy, instead of fluffy curls.


2. Fuffy Perm Rods on 4b/c Hair

This fluffy hairstyle is a result of healthy hair that was deep conditioned and completely detangle before styling.

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What you’ll need: small-sized white rollers, foaming mousse, brush to detangle, and oil for take-down.