These Loungers Look Like a Well Worn Pair of Your Favorite Jeans, and also Other Great Pants!

I have a number of pairs of these loungers, and some shorts for the summer and I absolutely love them! I work-related from house and also to have actually cute and also comfortable, non-pinching or binding clothing to wear while working is a must! I deserve to sit at my computer for hrs in these pants and it’s just choose being in pajamas. They are soft and stretchy, but light sufficient to be cool, even in warm weather.

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Anvarious other good thing around these loungers is that you deserve to wear them external to water your plants, or reduced the grass, and no one is the wiser that you are not wearing bluejeans. You have to obtain pretty cshed to watch that they are not genuine dungarees. Sometimes I also wear them to the store; the reactivity from civilization is constantly fun.

To me these comfy britches are a should have actually, and I have several pairs. If you attempt a pair, I bet you will certainly agree!

Faux Jean Sleep Pants – 100% Soft Cotton – Look Like Jeans!


These pants are a blast to wear! Comfy and also soft, however they look like denim jeans. Perfect for lounging approximately on the weekend, my family loves these! They wear them for examining, baking, movie night, and for functioning out. They are perfect for whatever before you want to carry out in comfortable apparel, not to point out they are fun!

MJC International Men’s Generic Faux Denim Lounge Pants
Unisex-Adult Faux Denim Ripped Jean Loungewear Pants – Set Of 2 – Medium – Large

Comfy Lounging Pants That Look Like Denim


Unisex-Adult Babsence Jeans Cotton Pajama Pants
Joe Boxer Men’s Babsence Lounge Pants

Soft Cotton Denim Drawstring Jams Shorts

That Look Like Jeans!

If you choose jams, these are the loungers for you. They are good for summer bereason they are cooler then lengthy pants. Many kind of times my husband wears these as swim trunks in our pool, he states they are even more comfortable than continual swim trunks. I need to warn you, wearing them in the chlorine and chemical water of a swimming pool does make them fade. I had to buy him a 2nd pair and bar him from wearing them in the pool! He likes to mow the grass in them and also garden. They are so comfortable, periodically I have a tough time obtaining them off of him so I have the right to wash them. :-)

Chen Men’s Hot Sale Casual Shorts Jean Denim Relaxed-Fit Boardshort

How To Wash Cotton Pants

To Reduce Shrinkage

1. Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions

2. Use the gentle cycle and also mild detergent.or hand also wash

3. NEVER NEVER put them in the dryer. Take them and also lay them out and pull them right into shape, then lift by the waistband also and hang to dry.

Though cotton is durable material, it is organic and therefore takes some treatment to save it looking its ideal. If you follow these directions, you have a better possibility of maintaining your cotton apparel looking and also fitting great.

Blue Jeans Camo Lounge Pants


These pants are a blfinish of camo and also jeans that are an inexplicable and also distinctive look

Unisex-Adult Faux Ripped Denim Blue Jeans Camo Lounge Pants
MJC Internationwide Group Men’s Urban Warrior Camo Pant

Sweatpants That Look Like Jeans

Comfortable and also Sexy!

Yazubi Designer Sweatpants in Jeans-look – Rick – Jeans Jogger Pants,
Yazubi Designer Sweatpants in Jeans-look – Steve – Jeans Jogger Pants
Yazubi Designer Sweatpants in Jeans-look – Desmond – Jeans Jogger Pants
Yazubi Designer Sweatpants in Jeans-look – Slim Fit – Erik – Jeans Jogger Pants

Faux Hunting Camo Stretchy, Soft Lounge Pants

Look Like a Huntsguy in Comfort!

These comfortable camo calm pants for resting or simply hanging out. Great for comfy weekend wear!

Hanes Men’s ComfortSoft Cotton Printed Lounge Pants_New Camo_Large
Olive Environment-friendly Tiger Camo Fleece Lounge Pants for guys (Medium)
Duck Empire Men’s Just Ducks Camo Microfleece Lounge Pants (Large)
Legendary Whitetails Big Game Camo Lounge Pants Medium
Camo Muted Colors Fleece Lounge Pants
Trail Cremainder Men’s Camo Lounge Fleece Pajama Pants 2935-95 (XL)

Underwear That Look Like Jean Shorts!

Blue or Black

What’s the ideal point to wear under lounge pants that look prefer jeans? Underwear that look choose jeans! Guys love these!

Alamana Boxers Mens Fake Jeans Briefs
Indigo Jean Boxer
Denim Jean Look Brief
Indigo Jean Look Brief

What Do You Think Of Wearing Lounge Pants in Public

Opinions Vary

Tbelow has constantly been a debate in my family, an also a couple of cshed friends, regarding if it is ok to wear points favor lounge pants and also sweat pants in public favor to the grocery store, or shopping, or also to the movies or a restaurant. Some say that it’s fine as long as they are clean and in excellent form and you wear an proper peak or shirt and clean gym shoes. Others in my family are completely mortified that anyone would certainly also think about wearing what they think about to be “pajamas.” in public at all, let alone to a restaurant or theater.

How perform you feel about it ? Do you think that it’s acceptable, or a full faux paus. I am very interested in what others think, so I hope everyone leaves a comment through your opinion.

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