Here"s another ""For Love or Money"" scandal. Bachelorette Paige spent 3 days behind bars for driving after her license was suspended for a DUI offense

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Turns out that star Rob Campos isn’t the only personality on ”For Love or Money” to have actually a covert previous of alcohol-connected legal trouble. Paige Jones, that, after Monday’s episode, was among 4 continuing to be golddiggers — er, finalists — has her own booze-sustained clocollection skeleton, according to court files unearthed by The Smoking Gun. Two years earlier, when she was 19, she was busted for driving while intoxicated, and also her license was suspended. Months later on, she was recorded driving through that suspfinished license and also was sentenced to three days in jail and also fined $500.

According to The Smoking Gun, which has posted Jones’ mugshots and also police reports, the 19-year-old ran a Dallas highmethod tollbooth in a Honda with a level tire in February 2001. When police pulled her over and asked if she’d been drinking, she sassist, ”A totality lot.” Police sassist she failed a number of area sobriety tests and also was discovered to have actually a fake ID that she shelp she had provided to ”buy drinks at a number of bars.” She was hit with a misdemeanor charge of driving while intoxicated and also obtained a suspfinished sentence of 90 days in jail, plus 2 years of probation, 80 hours of community business, a $400 fine, and also an alcohol education and learning program. In July 2001, she was arrested in Ellis County, Texas, on the misdemeanor charge of driving through the suspended license.

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Campos, 33, has actually made much of the 12-year age difference in between himself and also Jones, though age has not made him any better at holding his liquor. Last week, The Smoking Gun revealed that he’d maintained from NBC the fact that his career as a lawyer for the Marines had been derailed by a drunken occurrence in which he’d allegedly groped a naval officer and also thrown up in her bathroom. The Dallas regulation firm where he’d freelanced subsequently let him seek discovering of the armed forces incident and also watching the episode of ”For Love” in which he’d drunkenly groped numerous of the contestants in the warm tub. Of the bachelorettes, Jones appeared the leastern put-off by his antics. Guess she knows wright here he’s coming from.