"The human being I’ve met in this community have actually lived right here for over 10 years...there’s many church goers via blended backgrounds."

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"There are a lot of dogs in our neighborhood. People walk there dogs everyday. Some on leashes some not."
"Not negative.... Muni is constantly easily accessible not much from BART. All public transport is walking distance."
"The Outer Mission is a working class area. It is a melting pot of various societies. Most of the civilization living in the Outer Mission are aboriginal San Franciscans. It is among the last areas in San Francisco wright here you'll still view lots of aboriginal locals. Eexceptionally location in the Outer Mission is no frills—many 'mother and pop' shops serve the neighborhood well. It is hard to find parking, and also lots of world rent out in-legislation apartments in components of the area."
"This location has actually the finest weather. It's close to the farmers' industry and also has many great restaurants. Tbelow are numerous parks in Outer Mission consisting of Balboa Park. On sunny days, I love to sit on a bench and also watch the games. Tright here are additionally many programs at the senior facility."
"Cayuga Park, Alice Chalmers, and also other hills about here make it one of the most diverse places to walk your dog. Eextremely dog is always on a leash, and parks are super dog friendly."
"There are three schools right here in the Outer Mission: George Washington Elementary, Balboa High School, and we're walking distance from City College of San Francisco."
"The freeways are close by. Lots of Muni buses to pick from. It's cshed to a BART station, also."
"Easily obtainable by Balboa BART. The 14 Muni line runs a block ameans, and also freeways and also primary roadways favor Mission, Alemany kind of, and also Bayshore Blvd. border the Outer Mission."
"The commute can be pretty unstable. It's not near a BART terminal or a Caltrain station so you need to take a bus, which can be sketchy."
"Tbelow are dog-friendly parks close by and most restaurants permit dog owners to eat tbelow external via their dogs. What we don't like is that tbelow are some irresponsible owners who execute not clean up after their dogs."
"Wright here I live is close to the freemeans, so it is quick to go south and north. If I want to go downtown, I take BART."




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