This political cartoon is a perfect depiction of the financial plan of mercantilism. Source right here.

Why would certainly the British tax the colonists so much? Didn’t they recognize this would certainly happen?

Well, no. Remember: nothing in history is inevitable. The actions of people, establishments, and also countries are what renders background, not a feeling of inevitability.

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Additionally, what else were the British supposed to do? They needed to fill their government cuses by elevating revenue and also fast. Taxes are just how governments make money, and also the British essential to make money that they shed in the results of the Eighty Years’ War (yes, that’s right: EIGHTY years).

Historians debate this day how a lot of the colonial resources were spent on taxes and also whether or not the taxation would certainly have actually presented an undue burden on the colonists. Typically speaking, the British weren’t overtaxing the homesteaders. But still – no one expects taxes that they don’t already have to pay, regardless of the necessity of the taxes.

The British discovered this out the tough means.

When were the Navigation Acts repealed?

Technically, the Navigation Acts – as far as the United States was came to – were repealed as soon as they declared freedom. However before, it wasn’t till Great Britain establimelted a policy of totally free profession in 1849 – the idea that the federal government must have a laissez-faire perspective towards controlling the economic situation – that the Navigation Acts were repealed for the rest of British early american holdings.

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What kinds of APUSH questions can I be asked regarding the Navigation Acts?

The following questions are adjusted from the Gilder Lehrguy AP US History Practice Quiz.

“Be it enacted … That after the 5 and twentieth day of March, 1698, no products or merchandizes whatsoever shall be imported into, or exported out of, any type of swarm or plantation to his Majesty, in Asia, Africa, or America … in any kind of ship or bottom, yet what is or shall be of the constructed of England also, Ireland, or the shelp swarms or plantations … and navigated through the masters and also three fourths of the mariners of the sassist areas just … under pain of forfeiture of ships and also products.”

English Parliament, Navigation Act, 1696

1. The excerpt a lot of directly shows which of the following purposes for England’s North Amerihave the right to colonies? A. Developing them as a producer of manufactured items B. Aiding them in arising trade through other European nations C. Integrating them right into a meaningful imperial structure based on mercantilism D. Protecting them from Amerihave the right to Indian attacks

2. One direct long-term result of the Navigation Act above was that it A. supported commercial treaties via Spain and France throughout the 1700s B. contributed to the climb of opposition that ultimately fostered the self-reliance activity C. motivated homesteaders in The United States and Canada to expand also profession agreements via American Indians D. caused the imposition of heavy taxes on the North American colonists in the early 1700s

3. The purposes presented in the excerpt from the act have actually the the majority of in prevalent via which of the following? A. Increases in the federal tariff in the 1820s B. Progressive Age antitrust recreates in the 1900s C. Free-trade policies in the 1990s D. Federal taxes reductions in the 2000s

Correct Answers 1. C; the mechanism of mercantilism was the financial policy that governed the implementation of the Navigation Acts. 2. B; the permanent results of the Navigation Acts was the opplace it fomented versus the British Crvery own 3. A; tariffs, taxes, and also duties (and also the purposes of these actions) are comparable. Thinking around these financial plans as inhibitory – you boost taxes generally if you suppose that civilization will curb those actions you taxation – to think around readjust and also continuity over time in history.