There are two slightly different expressions which perform intend the precise exact same thing, these are:

On the one hand also <...>. on the other hand <...> On the one side <...>. on the other side <...>

Is using side here correct? I"m certain the hand variation is tremendously widespreview, whereas the side version simply shows up from time to time.

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My teacher always told me ""on the one side..., and on the other..." does not exist!", however I do view it sometimes.

So is it grammatical or not?


It is tough to say what is 'legal' in language intake, yet in the side-version I wouln't use "on" bereason this particle has actually a bidimensional connotation, while the side, instead, is monodimensional.
It"s not a issue of "legal" or not, however hand is far even more widespread in OP"s construction...


I doubt it"s systematic to describe this as anything various other than an accident of linguistic background and idiomatic intake - people tfinish to repeat the form they hear a lot of frequently.


"On the one hand" is more generally provided in than "on the one side," unless you"re referring to legal disagreements, e.g. once attorneys are representing opposing sides in a legal issue. is a Germanic language. In Gerguy, "on the other hand" is "anderseits" and also "auf der anderen Seite." "Seite" is likewise the German word for "side."


I always thought that "on the one side / on the other side" came into fairly freshly bereason of the influence of Indian langueras. Or perhaps it has just developed even more typically for that reason.

Tamil: irendu pakam = (on the) other side


In my own opinion, 2 pairs are different to usage. Your hand just has 2 sides, right? So "on the one hand" and "on the various other hand" need to be provided to cite around 2 opposite concepts in regards to an worry.But if you usage "on the one side" and also "on another side" to point out about something, it suggests that the difficulty perhaps has actually even more than 2 opinions; and also it does not need to be contrasting. A good example for this is a cube through 6 sides. And that is additionally the factor why you need to use "on the various other hand" yet "on an additional side". But I show that "on the other side" and also "on the other hand" are just the exact same as a result of the usage of "other" below.

"On the one hand"... "on the various other hand" to separate arguments. "On one side"... "on the other side" to separate 2 lists of things via opposed characteristics.

I would say that "on the one hand also..." is a herbal expression, supplied typically to indicate contrast: e.g. On the one hand also that city is expensive. On the other hand also, it"s beautiful.

"On the one side" is not a herbal expression to indicate contrast, in my opinion. It is a direct translation create Spanish, for example, which is where some doubts might arrive. It can be provided to indicate place though: e.g. He left his bike on the one side of the road which was free...".

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