1. This 2 verses, although they appear favor this in the video, I don"t think tha"s precisely what they say.

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Initial Latin version:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zG4ejg49xQ


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Lo siento, pero tengo un teclado america y no pueperform poner acentos en el texto. Yo estudio Espanol a escuela. Si mi Espanol es malo, lo siento, pero lo intente. Amo este cancion y espero tambien que te guste este cancion.


Hi....! (I do not kbow ypur name) and also give thanks to you for "intentar" this translation.Tbelow are mistakes and, initially of all, I recommend you to pay attention to the verbs.1. Alall set phantasmagora has discussed the title: "O come, o come" is an imperative, a command, and it converts, as she sassist, "Oh ven, oh ven".2. Don"t leave the verbs in infinitive as soon as they are conjugated. For circumstances, third verse, "that mourns = que llora". "Rejoice. rejoice", is another imperative. And then you have, "venir, mostrar, etc.

There is one more translation on this song submitted by josevalqui, you can check and also compare.

Best regards

Thank you for the feedback! When finding out Spanish, the hardest component for me is finding the correct verb to use. Verbs and some pronouns. For now I think I"ll stick via translating Spanish to English. I discover it a lot less complicated, even though I can use some assist via putting English right into Spanish.

Oh ven, la rama de el arbol de Jesse > Oh ven, rama del árbol de JeséGratis de el tirania de Satan, > Libéralos de la tiranía de Satanás

I think "And offer them victory o"er the grave." indicates "let them be victorious over death (grave)".

This version is one I"ve probably overlooked, (I have a soft spot for the Latin version), and it"s fairly lovely.

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I posted a comment answering phantasmagoria, saying that your various other translations were into English, and also I don"t see it currently.