For a long time currently, I was eyeing on owning a lip plumper for pout out lips. Though in India, we don’t have options for lip plumpers and also hardly any type of assets are obtainable for the same. But, I have actually heard a lot about NYX lip plumpers. I bought the NYX lip plumper shade PIU 05 Scarlett. It comes in 5 colours and also each of them are named after Hollyhardwood celebrities. I bought this particular shade bereason its transparent in colour and also have the right to be supplied as a lip gloss on lipsticks and lip creams.

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350 INR for 8g

My take on this product:

Though this products says “Pump-It-Up Lip Plumper”, I really doubt it .It has a thick consistency and also offers a moisturising impact to lips .It keeps my lips hydrated for 4-5 hrs. When used, it gives a stinging/tingling feeling to my lips and also my lips feel plumper after 40 seconds or so. The tingling goes away after a couple of secs. Though, it does not give bee-stung lips, it plumps lips a little bit. Also, it looks excellent as a lip gloss. Its a good product for natural make up look. Although I am not a really astronomical fan of lip glosses, I totally love this one as it functions two-in-one as a lip gloss and also plumper. I am not happy via the plumping impact however I carry out love it as a lip gloss. The packaging is sturdy, smart and travel friendly. This product deserve to go on for at leastern 3 months .So its worth the investment.




Pros of NYX Lip Plumper:

Sturdy packaging.Good quantity.Odourmuch less –no smell at all.Gives the lips a plumped-up effect.Keeps lips hydrated.Value for money.5 various shades.Gives a 3D lip look through 2-3 coats.

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Cons of NYX Lip Plumper:

Pricing can be greater than other lip glosses.Does not give also a lot of a plump.Some may not choose the tingling feeling.


IMBB Rating: 3 /5

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