true or false: Lacero- suggests to tear or accidental reduced. (Lacer/ation; Lacer/ate)


true or false: Dolo- suggests swelling. (Dolor; Dolori/meter)

false, it suggests pain

True or False: Pan- suggests total, all, or finish. (Pan/demic; Pan/creas)


True or False: Masto- and also Mammo- expect chest. (Mast/itis; Mammo/gram)

false, they suppose breast

Sagitto- indicates arrowhead or arrow-choose. (Sagitt/al Plane; Sagittal/is)


True or False: Adeno- suggests gland. (Aden/itis; Aden/oma)


The sphincter (that which binds together) muscle at the finish of the digestive tract is the ___.

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True or False: An- means without or lack of.


The suffix -ician or in Phys/ician (is natural/________) literally means:

one who

True or False: Pharmac/o- implies drug. (Pharmac/ology; Pharmaco/mania)


True or False: Malac/o- indicates tough. (Osteo/malacia; Chrondo/malacia)

false, it means soft

True or False: Spiro- suggests breathe or breapoint. (Spiro/meter; Spiro/metry)


True or False: Avuls/i- indicates to tear or tear away. (Avuls/ion; Avulsi/oplasty)


True or False: -crine indicates to secrete. (Endo/crine; Holo/crine; Exo/crine)


True or False: Entero- implies intestine or tiny intestine. (Enter/itis; Dys/enter/y)


True or False: Palpebro- suggests ear. (Palpebr/itis; Palpebro/ptosis)

false, it implies eyelid

True or False: Balano- indicates glans clitoris or glans penis. (Balan/itis; Balan/orrhagia)


True or False: -esis and -osis expect condition or condition. (Hematopoi/e/sis; Hidr/osis)


The illness of Crypto/cocc/o/sis is a ____ that deserve to infect the lungs, skin, brain (CNS), bones, and urinary tract bring about death.

yeastern choose budding fungus "no spores"

The clinical term that means containing both mucus and also pus is ___.


True or False: Com- and also Con- intend together. (Com/press/ion; Con/junctivia)


True or False: Uvea- and Staphylo- mean grape. (Uve/oma; Staphylo/coccus)


True or False: cicatrix- implies svehicle or normal scar. (Cicatr/ization; Dermo/cicatrix)


True or False: Alveoli- or Alveolo- intend hollow or cavity. (Alveol/itis; Alveolo/plasty)


Hormone indicates to stimulate or change. (Hormon/al; Hormono/poiesis)

false, it indicates to urge on

The diagnostic term Myx/oma means a tumor or swelling of ___.


True or False: Irid-, Irid/o- and also Iro- expect rainbow. (Irid/itis; Irido/rrhexis)


The anatomical terms Sym/physis Pubis literally expect ___.

flourishing together : at the personal parts

The phrase, refers to or concerns, is a generalised ____ interpretation (not a ___ meaning) supplied for the suffixes -a, -ia, -iac, -al, -ar, -ic, -is, -on, -os, -us, -ium, and -um.

actual, literal

True or False: Chiro- and also Mano- suppose hand. (Chiro/practor & Sphygmo/mano/meter)


True or False: Audi- implies to hear. (Audi/olog/y; Audi/ogram)


Scolio- means swayback. (Scoli/osis; Scolio/meter)

false, it means twisted or crooked spine

Scolio indicates ___.

twisted or crooked spine

The diagnostic term Hirsut/ism literally suggests ___.

the state of being hairy

The myeloid tworry in cancellous bone is semi-liquid and produces many RBCs, WBCs, and also Plateallows is commonly described as ___.

bone marrowhead or red marrow

True or False: TID implies – two times per day


True or False: Herpet/o- suggests to creep. (Herpes; Herpet/ic; Herpet/iform)


True or False: Meno- and Menstro- mean weekly. (Meno/pause, Menstr/ation)

False, they suppose menstration

True or False: Ortho- means large or astronomical. (Ortho/pnea; Ortho/dontic)

False, it suggests directly or erect

The TIA describes a ___.

transient ischemic attack

The Eye Chart that actions visual acuity is the ___.


A Pulmonary Infarction (lung: to stuff into) actually means ___.

lung blood circulation blockage

calor implies ___.


tumor implies ___.


rubor implies ___.


naso means ___.


rhino implies ___.


True or False: Cataracto- means waterautumn or cloudy. (Cataract/ectomy; Cataracto/genic)


The little organs that produce and also drain tears from the eye are the ___.

lacrimal glands and ducts

The clinical term that describes extremity blood vessels is ___.

peripheral vascular

True or False: Amphi- literally means across. (Amphi/centric; Amphi/arthrosis)

false, it indicates about or on both sides

True or False: Bi- and also Bin- indicates two. (Bi/lateral; Bin/ocular)


True or False: Ascari- means worm or nematode.


The medical term Huntington Chorea is characterized by ___.

shaking or bizarre involuntary motions through de/mentia "away/mind"

True or False: Pneumo- and Pulmono- suppose lung. (Pneumon/ia; Pulmon/ary)


True or False: Bruxi- implies to grind. (Brux/ism; Dura/brux/ism)


The visual examination of the abdominal cavity through the belly wall is referred to as ___.


True or False: Sino- and Sinus implies cavity or hollow. (Sin/us; Sinus/itis)


True or False: Kelo- indicates increased red difficult scar. (Kel/oid; Keloid/ectomy)


True or False: Phyto- and also Lichen suppose plant. (Phyto/dermitis; Lichen/ification)


True or False: Dermato-, Corio-, Cutio- intend skin. (Dermat/itis; Cori/um; Cut/icle)


True or False: Myelo- implies spinal cord or bone marrowhead. (Myelo/gram; Multiple Myel/oma)


The sufsolve "-orrhea" means ___.

flow or discharge

True or False: Pod- and Podo- intend boy. (Pod/iatry; and Podo/dynia)

false, they intend foot

True or False: Nucleo- and also Karyo- mean nut or nucleus. (Nucle/ar; Karyo/kinesis)


Immediately after the filtrate passes through the Bowman’s capsule it enters the ___.

Renal Collecting Tubule

True or False: Oligo- means scanty, slight, or few.


True or False: Semi- and also Hemi- suppose entirety. (Semi/membraneous; Hemi/sphere)

False, they expect half

True or False: Meta- suggests adjust or past. (Meta/bolism; Meta/carpal)


True or False: Ana- means to incorporate. (Ana/tom/y; Ana/phase)

false, it implies up, acomponent or backward

True or False: Pyelo- indicates pelvis (of kidney or organ).


The term Ascariasis refers to parasitic ____ that move with the lungs in the larval phase generally to the ____. The eggs are passed on to the next individual with call through the ___ (hands, water, or food).

worms, intestines, feces

True or False: Colpo- indicates penis. (Colp/itis; Colpo/scopy)

False, it suggests vagina

True or False: Ech/o- and also Son/o- intend to X-ray. (Ech/ogram or Son/ogram)

false, they expect sound

mast/o indicates ___.


The term stomatogastric is identified as pertaining to the ___.

mouth and stomach

___ of or relating to the manufacturing of exceptionally low temperatures.


-metry indicates ___.

procedure of measuring

myc/o means ___.


cyesis means ___.


PH represents ___.

previous history

-graph/y suggests ___.

the procedure of utilizing a maker, instrument, or tool to record.

Ceru-, Cera-, and Cerumeno- mean fat. (Ceru/men; Cerumeno/lysis)


Ceco- means blind pouch. (Ceco/ptosis; Cec/ostomy)


Both food and also air take a trip via the ___.

mouth and also pharynx (aka: throat)

____ is the study of the manufacturing and also behaviour of products at extremely low temperatures.


The surgical term for cutting of particular branches of the vagus nerve is ___.


Hidr/o- and also Suder/i- expect oil. (Hidr/osis; Suderi/ferous)

false, they intend sweat

The opening with which food passes into the alimentary (to nourish) canal is the ___.


True or False: Cheilo- indicates lip.


True or False: Myx/o- and Blenno- mean mucus.


True or False: Myco- and Tinea means fungus.


Tinea Corporis is a ___.


The procedural term for X-ray of the veins after an injection of contrast tool dye is ___.


True or False: Crypto- implies cold.

false, it indicates hidden

The combining form cec/o- indicates ___.

blind pouch

True or False: Brady- indicates short. (Brady/cardia; Brady/kinesia)

false, it suggests SLOW

___ is the stage of mitosis and meiosis in which the chromosomes move toward opposite ends of the nuclear spindle.


ceruguys means ___.


true or false: -scopy indicates utilizing an instrument to examine or view.


true or false: Actino- means warmth.

false, it implies radiation

Actino/therap/y aka: ___

radiotreatment, using UV rays

___ is the treatment of condition (particularly cancer) by exposure to a radioenergetic substance.


The medical term that indicates pertaining to listed below the rib is ___.


___ indicates pertaining to listed below the rib.


true or false: Etio- means eating.

false, it suggests the cause of a disease

true or false: os- indicates mouth or mouth-like opening.


true or false: Cryo- means surprise.

false, it indicates cold

The blood vessel that carries blood containing oxygen and nutrients away from the heart to the body tproblems (except the lungs) is the ___.


The pelvic floor (anus to vagina or scrotum) in both males and females is dubbed the ___.


true or false: Athero- means porridge or yellow fat.


true or false: Phlebo- implies artery.

false, it suggests vein

true or false: Psycho- and also -noia mean mind.


true or false: Cranio- suggests head.

false, it implies skull or cranium

true or false: Somo- and Corpo- mean total.

false, they intend body

true or false: Galacto- and also Lacto- intend sugar.

false, they suppose milk

true or false: Litho- and also Petro- suppose difficult.

false, they mean stone

The muscle term fascia means ___.

band that separates

true or false: Sym- and Syn- expect together.


true or false: Colo- suggests substantial intestine or huge intestine.


true or false: -gnosis suggests expertise.


true or false: The suffixes -algia and also -dynia mean pain.


true or false: Procto- suggests to probe.

false, it implies anus or rectum

true or false: Iatro- means therapy or cure.


true or false: Post- means after or behind.


True or False: -lapse and also -ptosis suggests loss, slip, or droop.


The diagnostic term for a congenital defect in which the urinary meatus is situated on the upper surface of the penis is ___.


true or false: Helminth/o- and Vermi- mean worm.


True or False: Tele-, Telo-, and Tel- expect finish.


True or False: Onycho- and also Unguino- mean skin.

False, they expect the nails

True or False: Feto- indicates at an early stage.

false, it indicates young

True or False: Rhytido- indicates wrinkles.


The medical term Stomato/gastric actually suggests ___.

pertains to the mouth and also stomach

Proctology is the examine of the ___.

anus or rectum

The medical term Concussion implies ___.

to shake violently leading to brain bleeding

True or False: Meningo- and also Meningio- expect membrane.


True or False: -asthenia means toughness.

false, it indicates without toughness OR weakness

The diagnostic term Ex/ost/osis means:

condition of bone prospering outside with muscles and various other tissues

My/asthenia literally suggests ___.

muscle/without stamina or muscle/weakness

sthenos indicates ___.


The ring of muscles that guards the opening between the stomach and the duodenum is the ___.

Pyloric sphincter

The second percent of the little intestine is the ___.


The little pouch attached to the cecum is the ___.


The combining develop celi/o is defined as ___.


True or False: Hallux suggests thumb.

false, it means big toe

The ____ is top percentage of the skull, which protects the brain.


the literal definition of Micro/hallex is ___.

small/substantial toe

____ is a condition in which the massive toe is bent outward so that it overlaps the second toe.

Hallux Valgus

The diagnostic term for an increase amount of spinal liquid in the ventricles of the brain is ___.


The name of the structure that includes arteries, veins, lymphatics, nerves, ductus deferens, and suspends the testes in the scrotum is the ___.

spermatic cord

The muscle term peroneus means ___.


True or False: -centesis indicates a surgical puncture to drain fluid.


A(n) "_______" is a noninvasive roentgeno/graph/y diagnostic strategy.

Computerized Axial Tomography (CAT-Scan)

True or False: Retino- means eye or eyeball.

false, it implies pertaining to the retina

___ is a delicate, multilayered, light-sensitive membrane lining the inner eyeround and also linked by the optic nerve to the brain.


Mal- suggests bad.


True or False: -y, -ation, and also -ing mean procedure of or process of.


____ is an injection of an intravenous medication to disdeal with blood clots in coronary (blood) vessels.

intracoronary thrombolytic therapy

____ is the medical term definition the use of drugs to disfix blood clots (___).

Thrombolysis, Thrombolytics

True or False: Dipso- suggests to thirst.


True or False: Kypho- implies laterally crooked.

false, it suggests humped

True or False: Edema- suggests negative or harmful.

false, it indicates swelling caused by excess fluid

True or False: Pep- and also Peps/o- intend digestion.


True or False: Xero- indicates dry.


The largest lymphatic organ in the body is the ___.


True or False: Ergo- and Dynamo- intend job-related.


True or False: -oid means faulty or false material.

false, it indicates like

True or False: Sphygmo- indicates pulse.


True or False: E- suggests out or external.


___ is the surgical term that implies surgical excision of the thickened interior of an artery.


A Chiropractor specializes in the repositioning of bones via adjustments in order to relieve nerve and tconcern pressure resulted in by bone ______.


___ is the general term for the surgical removal of plaque from an artery that has actually end up being narrowed or blocked.


True or False: Steno- and also Stricto- mean to close.

false, they intend to narrow

___ suggests to bleed from the nose.


True or False: -cytosis means a decrease (in cells).

false, it suggests a boost in cells

True or False: Onco- indicates cancer.

false, it indicates tumor or mass

True or False: VO suggests – Verbal Order.


The inability of the heart to pump sufficient blood through the body to supply the tissues and also organs is referred to as ___.

congenital heart disease

The word part -iatro- in iatro/genic or ger/iatric/ implies ___.

treatment or cure

ger/iatric actually means ____.

regarded old people’s health and wellness care

Omo- suggests shoulder.


True or False: Sebo- indicates sweat.

false, it indicates sebum

Photo- suggests green.

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false, it indicates light

The term that indicates pertaining to the flow pressure of urine within the urinary tract is ___.