Anderkid Lock published this expression in a current Gazette newsletter. We’ve provided it in various other promotional materials and also letters to brand-new customers. Our intention was sindicate to assure customers that we have the experience and capcapability to regulate massive tasks.

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One long-time customer took offense. He complained to our estimator, Jim Didier, that if we say, “No task is also significant,” we must add, “or also little.” This customer calls us for fairly small projects and also he was feeling that we didn’t worth him as much as we worth “the substantial men.”


Ghostbusters™ Movie Logo

I don’t choose hearing that a customer is unhappy with something I’ve composed. I Googled the phrase to see if other organization carriers usage it, and was surprised to learn that it comes from the 1984 Ghostbusters™ movie! The complete quote is: “Twenty-4 hrs a day, seven days a week, no project is also huge. No fee is as well big!”

It’s a funny line in the conmessage of the sudden success of the three unemployed parapsychology professors that put up shop as a unique gorganize removal service.

Anderchild Lock does administer emergency locksmith company for our commercial customers twenty-4 hours a day, salso days a week, however we don’t stay open roughly the clock! And proclaiming, “No fee is too big!” would certainly surely frighten our customers away!

While Googling, I discovered a number of locksmith companies referred to as “Lockbusters,” and some referred to as “Safe Busters.” They also use one more little bit of movie dialog, “Who you gonna call?”

But I digress. Anderkid Lock offers protection remedies, from cutting a solitary key, to installing hundreds of cylinders for a multi-level, multi-structure understand key system. The customer is right. I must have created, “No task is too significant or as well tiny.” However before, currently that I understand the beginning of the line, I think I’ll come up via a completely brand-new slogan!

The same worry of the Gazette that made the offensive (to at least one customer) case likewise contained numerous customer compliments.

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They were for all kinds of jobs, big and also little.

Need a protection solution? Big or small, we’ll aid you out, and we’ll carry out continuous assistance beyond the allude of sale. Call 1-800-LOCK!