Dressing up via the Night King costume or any kind of various other of the “regular” White Walker costume is probably the most fitting Game of Thrones Halloween costume. While obviously you deserve to wear a Daenerys Targaryen costume or a Jon Snow costume, Halloween is the night of horror, spooky outfits and points. And what can be more spooky than the undead, icy walkers and also their leader, the Night King. Tbelow are several high high quality Night King masks and also also a couple of various alternatives for the Night King costume. But Halloween is not the just time you deserve to and must wear this inwell known character’s costume. True, you would certainly more than likely acquire a couple of increased eyebrows if you wear it while standing in line at the financial institution or shopping at Tarobtain. But tbelow is constantly a cosplay opportunity or a Game of Thrones party to go to.

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The Night King is the leader and also the first of the White Walkers. He has actually the White Walkers and the Military of the Dead adhering to his orders. He has many superorganic powers and also abilities that make him a frightening character and also a very difficult to confront opponent. Among his powers tright here are the ability to raise zombies from the dead bodies that were not melted and also recruit them right into his army. The ability to touch someone and also make him into a White Walker. He can break normal steel tools, stand up to to fire (also a dragon fire) and also more. 

The Night King looks various than the remainder of the White Walkers. Although both have the infamous blue eyes and also the white wrinkled challenge, the Night King head has spikes that goes out of his skull. The nature of those spikes is not clear and also it is additionally not clear where did they come from or how. He wears a black leather-ish armor through a stselection looking pin and also he can fight with both swords and also spears. 

There were actually two various actors that played the role of the inwell known Night King. Between periods 1 and 5, it was played by Ricdifficult Brake. Starting from the 6th seachild, it was played by a Slovak actor named Vladimír Furdík. Check out the Video Game of Thrones cast in actual life to see exactly how he looks prefer without the Night King makeup.

There are few easy ways to have the Night King Halloween costume. Other than producing the outfit by yourself which can be fairly cumbersome, if you pick to purchase this outfit, you have to achieve 2 necessary parts. The Night King armor and also the Night King mask. With those 2 components, you will certainly 99% accomplish your goal and a lot of will sheight here. Others, could desire to add the pin and hands. 


Night King Outfit

The many detailed Night King costume currently accessible to buy. The price is fairly high which would most likely reason many fans to turn ameans and look for somepoint else. Made from premium high quality fabricated leather. Available in many kind of various sizes.


Night King Armor

This is not exactly the armor the Night King wears in Video Game of Thrones however it is very close and also if you are utilizing the full head mask, it will be clear that you are trying to look choose. Not to mention this one is cheaper than the previous choice.


Night King Mask

This is a really high top quality Night King full head mask. It"s made from 100% rubber and was sculpted by a professional FX artist. The deep blue eyes you view in this image are part of the mask so all you brvery own eyes Night Kings have nothing to concern around.


Night King Alternative Mask

Anvarious other alternate to Night King full confront mask made through 100% eco-friendly fabricated Latex material, easyly wearing and also breathing.Size fits for the head circumference 22.83-24.5 inches.

Night King Pin

A excellent add-on item for the Night King costume that is usually being overlooked. This pin is very equivalent to the pin the Night King wears below his neck.

Night King Hands

If you wish to become the necromancer to raise the dead to an army, you must start through a pair of hands. And those will carry out simply fine. Together through the costume and also the mask, you have everything you should have in order to produce the endmuch less night.

It was just at the middle of the sixth seakid of Game of Thrones that we learn that created the Night King and how. In that scene, Bran is throughout his training with the Three-Eyed Raven and he sees the vision of just how the Night King was created. He sees the Children of the Foremainder capturing a human male, tie him to a tree and also stick a Dragonglass into his heart. As the Dragonglass enters his body, his eyes come to be blue and also he turns into the first White Walker. 

The Children of the Foremainder then explain to Bran that they created the Night King bereason the First Men were killing the Children of the Forest, taking down their woodland and sacred trees. The Children were powermuch less versus the humans so they produced the Night King to assist them in their fight. However before, the White Walkers then began to fight the Children of the Forest too. And so began the fight between the dead and also the living. 

Getting the White Walker costume have the right to be a small harder or a small easier depending on which variation you want to be. As some of them are walking roughly partially naked, it will required from you to put somepoint on the top body in order to attain that look. Conversely, you have the right to use the Night King armor via a White Walker mask and also sword. 

White Walker Mask

Similar to the Night King mask, this white walker full head mask was sculpted by a professional artist. It is an officially license Video Game of Thrones merchandise. It has the white long hair in the back of the head. Made from 100% rubber.

White Walker Chest Piece

A White Walker chest item. Can be worn above the garments. Combine with the White Walker mask and hands to obtain the finish look.

White Walker Hands

A excellent pair of White Walkers hands. It will certainly fit a lot of adults. Molded latex hands extfinish approx. 6" over wrists. This is an excellent add-on item if you have actually the mask. Officially licensed.

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White Walker Sword

This officially licensed Game of Thrones merchandise is molded of translucent rigid plastic. It is shaped choose a sdifficult of ice. Similar to the White Walkers have. It is 40" long so be careful.

We are acquiring to recognize the White Walkers exceptionally early on in the present. Actually, they were in the first scene of the first episode that opened up the Video Game of Thrones show. First, we only understand that they are undead, lug cold and also ice through them and have blue eyes. It was just later we learn that tright here are many kind of of them, produced by the Night King and also complying with him in addition to his Army of the Dead. They were hiding for thousands of years in the far north wbelow it is also cold for human being to settle, until they ended up being a myth, a legfinish. When the present starts, that is once they are founding to go southern and also initiate their second strike on the living. The initially attack was the Long Night, in which they lost.