Let"s be hoswarm, New Jersey does not always have actually the ideal reputation. But, this Northeastern US state boasts over 700,000 acres of lush farmland also and also 127 miles of pristine beaches, every one of which is photo worthy. No wonder it"s called the Garden State. Another plus: many of New Jersey"s cities and also coastal communities are chock-full of character and also charm. Sometimes, though, you have to watch the beauty to think it.

Check out our list of the the majority of beautiful areas to visit in New Jersey.

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Note: Some businesses may be temporarily closed because of recent global wellness and security concerns.

1. Jackchild Street Bridge, Newark

Jackboy Street Bridge

Jackboy Street Bridge is a pedestrian swing bridge spanning the Passaic River in between Newark and Harrison. One of 3 swing bridges in the city (Clay Street Bridge and Bridge Street Bridge are the others), it"s hardly ever opened up as a result of little bit web traffic on the water.

This bridge was initially constructed in the early on 1900s and revamped in 1991. While some bemoan the lack of original building products, the unusual truss lines remain, which make it historically considerable and also a pleasure to look at once lighted at night.

2. Speedwell Waterloss, Morristown

Speedwell Waterfall

Step ago in time at this idyllic spot. Speedwell Waterautumn is located throughout the street from Historic Speedwell in Morristown. It"s below that you can time warp right into the Industrial Rdevelopment, complete with well preserved structures from the 18th century. This was additionally the spot where Samuel F.B. Morse and also Alfred Vail initially demonstrated an electromagnetic telegraph to the public (think Morse code).

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3. Great Falls, Paterson

Great Falls, Paterson

These dramatic drops are nestled in Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park and also they serve as the heart of Paterkid, "America"s initially planned industrial city." Situated on the Passaic River, the water flowing from the 77-foot-tall Great Falls was harnessed to aid power production processes.

Today, you"ll find remnants of life in the commercial era—from an early production mill to a three-tiered water raceway mechanism. And if you"re willing to listen, you"ll hear a ton of interesting stories about Alexander Hamilton.

4. Ramapo Valley County Reservation, Mahwah

Ramapo Valley County Reservation

With 21 miles of hiking trails, Ramapo Valley County Reservation is a perfect spot to dust off the cobwebs you garnered from hrs of sitting. It features 5 primary trails of varying difficulty. One of the finest is the Vista Loop Trail, which boasts picturesque panoramic views, as well as a waterautumn and also reservoir.

5. Cape May

Beautiful dwellings in Cape May

The newly restored East Point Lighthome rests on the north side of Delmindful Bay in beautiful Cape May. An appropriate spot for a summer vacation, Cape May sits at the a lot of southerly end of the Jersey Shore. It"s well loved for its clean water; soft sand; and also quaint cottperiods, shops, and restaurants. The laid-earlier holiday vibe in this component of the state is difficult to beat.

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6. Sayen House & Gardens, Hamilton

Sayen House & Gardens

A quaint ornamental bridge pops to life once surrounded by fresh pink crab apple blossoms in Sayen Housage & Gardens. This tranquil spot in Hamilton Square is the perfect backdrop for photographs, a quiet walk, or an afternoon spent soaking up the impeccable natural surroundings. The residence itself uses a considerable look into the background of Hamilton.

7. Exreadjust Place, Jersey City

Exchange Place

Downtown Jersey City is home to Exchange Place, the eclectic district caught in this skyline photo. Grab dinner at a roofoptimal patio, set sail on the Hudkid River, or walk the boardwalk along the waterfront for unbeatable views of the New York City skyline. It also boasts a relocating tribute to 9/11.

8. Ventnor City

Pier at Ventnor City

The enticing sand dunes on either side of this route encapsulate the easy-going pace of Ventnor City. The adorable historical church St. Johns By-the-Sea (the initially constructed in Ventnor) adds to the town"s charm. The primary reason civilization visit, though, is to walk the boardwalk or dig their feet right into the golden sand also of Ventnor City Beach. It"s a perfect area to enjoy the sun as it sets over the Atlantic Ocean.

9. George Washington Bridge

Sunclimb at George Washington Bridge

One of the primary arteries right into New York City, the double decker George Washington Bridge spans the Hudson River from Fort Lee, NJ to Washington Heights, NY. Each year, this famed bridge carries even more than 103 million vehicles. If you"ve ever before been stuck in its unforgiving traffic, take a moment to truly gain the striking design that surround you.

10. Atlantic City

Atlantic City at night

New Jersey"s answer to Las Vegas, Atlantic City has actually swenabled many a person"s payexamine. In addition to offering a thriving nightlife, endmuch less entertainment, and peak restaurants, this famous weekend destination offers spectacular views of the Jersey Shore. Atlantic City is technically a retype city, featuring an extensive boardwalk that boundaries miles of white sand and the refreshing Atlantic Ocean.

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11. Liberty State Park, Jersey City

Manhatten skyline watch from Liberty State Park

Talk about an superior check out of Manhattan! Wright here else have the right to you capture a perfect check out of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and New York Skyline? Seeing every one of this from a two-mile-long, lush, green wonderland within a bustling metropolis renders it an even even more worthwhile place to visit.

12. Cape May County Park & Zoo

Titi monvital at the Cape May County Park & Zoo

Located in the middle of Cape May County"s Central Park, the zoo is residence to every little thing from African lions to scurrently leopards to red pandas. Anvarious other perk: admission is free! The park itself incorporates more than 200 acres (consisting of the zoo). Whether you"re looking to picnic on the grass, traipse through a forest, or bike around a fishing pond, you"ll discover respite in this famous spot.

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13. Princeton

Princeton University

Even the snow can"t dampen Princeton"s beauty. Best well-known for its ivy league university, this quaint tvery own lies in the Princeton-Mercer area of New Jersey. Flex your shopping muscles in its varied stores, please your palate at the farmer"s industry, or pop in to see a display at the theater. No issue what you select, there"s plenty to save you inhabited.

14. Delaware Water Gap National Reproduction Area

Delconscious Water Void National Redevelopment Area

Outdoor adventurers revel in this 70,000-acre park set in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Forty miles of this expanse is spanned by the Delconscious River. Those that visit are astounded by the sweeping vistas, tumbling waterfalls, lush valleys, and opulent hills. What a perfect area to reap nature—whether it"s on your feet, a bike, or in a canoe.

15. Barnegat Lighthouse State Park

Barnegat Lighthome at dusk

There"s little bit more calming than watching the sun caress the Barnegat Lighthome as it completes its day-to-day descent. Situated on the north end of Long Beach Island in Ocean County, the lightresidence is taken into consideration a suggest of interemainder on the New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail. Get up close and also individual through a expedition inside. It"s open up eexceptionally day from Memorial Day via to Labor Day.

16. Hudchild River Waterfront Walkway, Jersey City

Hudson River Waterfront Walkway

This bit item of heaven is located on the Hudboy River"s western shore. The 30-foot-wide, 18.5-mile-lengthy route runs alongside the river from Bayonne to the George Washington Bridge. Who needs a gym membership once you"ve gained that a lot space to run, bike, or rollerblade? Plus, this outdoor "gym" boasts exceptional views of New York. It"s likewise residence to a watercraft and also kayak launch, making it basic to set out on the water.

17. Hurd Park, Dover

Cherry blossoms in Hurd Park

The only point better than a cherry blossom in complete bimpend is a whole bunch of them bursting via life. These beauties line the walkmethods of Hurd Park, a scenic wonderland also that begs to be photographed, especially in the spring. You won"t uncover playgrounds here, but it"s primed for walkers, so tie your laces and gain going.

18. The Jersey Shore

Suncollection at the Jersey Shore

You may not think of New Jersey as a beach location, however its superior Jersey Shore will change your mind. Lined via sandy beaches, expansive boardwalks, and also top-notch restaurants, the "shore" as it"s dubbed by locals, is not to be missed. Spanning 127 miles of the Atlantic coast-from Sandy Hook in the north to Cape May in the south—the Jersey Shore is a area wright here summer memories (and also several sandcastles) are made.

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