1. Past Or Present out, Name A U.S. President Who You Wouldn’t Mind Having A Beer With.(4 answers)

Bill Clinton(44 points)George W Bush(23 points)John F Kennedy(17 points)Barack Oboma(6 points)

2. Name A Game That Would Be Incorrect At A Company Party(5 answers)

Spin The Bottle(41 points)Spilgrimage Poker(32 points)Twister(11 points)Truth Or Dare(11 points)Beer Pong(3 points)

3. Name Somepoint Naughty That A Grandpa Might Secretly Let His grandchild obtain Away With(5 answers)

Looking At girls(26 points)Sipping Beer(22 points)Eating Sweets(21 points)Staying Up Late(20 points)Bad Language(8 points)

4. Tell Me A Food That Goes Great With Beer(5 answers)

Pizza(40 points)Nuts(22 points)Pretzels(17 points)Chips(14 points)Chicken Wings(4 points)

5. Name A Video Game That Would Be Inappropriate At A Company Party.(5 answers)

Spin The Bottle(41 points)Sexpedition Poker(32 points)Twister(11 points)Truth Or Dare(11 points)Beer Pong(3 points)

6. Name A Drink That Often Comes With A Spoon(6 answers)

Milkshake(33 points)Coffee(28 points)Tea(24 points)Hot Chocolate(8 points)Root Beer Float(3 points)Slush/Smoothie(3 points)

7. Name Something You Keep In An Ice Chest. (Food Is Not An Answer, Be More Specific)(6 answers)

Soft Drinks(31 points)Beer(27 points)Ice(27 points)Water(4 points)Chicken(2 points)Frosty Mug For Beer(2 points)

8. Besides Coke, Name Another Kind Of Soda.(6 answers)

Sprite(36 points)Pepsi(17 points)Root Beer(12 points)7 Up(12 points)Dr Pepper(11 points)Mountain Dew(6 points)

9. Name A Country That Is Known For Their Beer(7 answers)

Germany(25 points)Ireland(19 points)USA(17 points)Canada(14 points)England(9 points)Mexico(8 points)Australia(6 points)

10. Name A Brand Of Beer They Sell At Ever Bar.(2 answers)

Budweiser(67 points)Miller(3 points)

11. Name Something People Drink Beer Out Of.(2 answers)

Bottles(38 points)Mug(21 points)

12. Tell Me How Many Beers It Takes The Typical Man To Get Drunk.(2 answers)

5(28 points)6(21 points)

13. Name Another Word People Call Beer(2 answers)

Brew(28 points)Ale(17 points)

14. Name A Famous Brand also Of Beer(6 answers)

Guinness Fosters Stella Kronenbourg Grolsch Carling 

15. Name A Reason A Human being Might Pretend To Be Older(7 answers)

Buy BeerSee MusicDriveFJob InterviewImpress SomeoneBuy CigarettesDate

16. Name somepoint children love to drink(7 answers)

Ginger AleClub SodaTonic WaterRoot BeerSoda PopSoft DrinkCola


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Name a food or drink which comes in a low-calorie version(6 answers)

PopGinger AleSodaClub SodaRoot BeerTonic Water

18. Name a product that convenience stores offer the the majority of of(6 answers)