I just want reviews I guess. Nothing certain, so no spoilers! Did you reap it? Did you have any kind of problems? Would you recommfinish to friends or do it again? Thanks!


I obtained The Weeping Book. My reasoning was that it was the cheapest of the experiences ($99) and also permitted me to dip my toe in the water so to sheight prior to committing to the much even more expensive choices.

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I'd also heard horror stories about the experiences with multiple shipments taking occasionally months between mailings. Plus, it has actually a whole book, whereas the even more expensive experiences seem to not amount to a lot (almost every one of the mailings for the larger experiences seem favor a handful of letters and also photographs that might be peroffered in 20 minutes or less).

The book (a journal) was incredibly cool, but was a small on the thin side and only took about an hour to review. There's likewise a little mystery to resolve however I haven't fixed it yet because, based upon the restricted spoilers I enabled myself, it's the majority of work-related for just a short message or somepoint choose that. I'll acquire to it at some point soon, simply haven't found the moment.

It's billed as an 'intense horror experience' on the website and also I uncovered it to be creepy at ideal (and that's if you're really conveniently spooked). It came with a few other little items in a little shipping cprice that forced a fair little of work to obtain open. All of the items (including journal and also crate) were weathered and very realistic-looking. Everypoint contained might have conveniently passed for a prop in a movie.

Ultimately (and this appears to be a agreement among many type of people) it's a matter of high quality over quantity. I'm glad I partook however I can't outideal say it was certainly worth the money.

MCOMPUTER definitely seems to prioritize the physical items themselves over the stories those items tell, and also as an outcome the stories have the right to finish up feeling pretty...thin. That in and also of itself isn't a bad point, yet because they've prcooktop via Curios and Conundrums that they're capable of developing exciting puzzles and stories with ARG facets, it's type of a shame they don't make more of an initiative to incorpoprice those aspects right into the experiences that world are paying fairly a lot of money for - it's simply weird to me that the option that's the cheapest by much has the many bang for the buck.

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It'd be great if they arisen a mid-priced choice that bridges the gap in between the experiences and the C+C. I'd happily pay $75 for something that is a self-contained suffer via some cool physical objects yet that gives the opportunity for deeper digging that C+C provides.