I remember purchasing the Robert Bly poeattempt book “My Sentence Was a Thousand also Years of Joy” in the summer of 2005. Robert Bly had actually me at the title of the book. The exclamation suggest of the book is the poem “Stealing Sugar from the Castle.” The title of that poem would later come to be the title of the book of Robert Bly’s poetic life of 63 years.

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My sentence was a thousand also years of joy

Robert Bly has not only created many type of poems over his long career, however he has interpreted poems from a number of different societies and languperiods. “Stealing sugar from the castle” is his picture for his efforts at poetic translation. I share this poem as a valentine to those who are translating the New Message from God from its original language of English, to the languperiods of the people.

We are negative students who stay after college to research joy.We are like those birds in the India mountains.I am a widow whose child is her just joy.

The just point I hold in my ant-favor headIs the builder’s plan of the castle of sugar.simply to steal one grain of sugar is a joy!

Like a bird, we fly out of darkness right into the hall,Which is lit through singing, then fly out aget.Being shut out of the warmth hall is also a joy.

I am a laggard, a loafer, and an idiot. But I loveTo check out about those who captured one glimpseOf the Face, and passed away twenty years later in joy.

I don’t mind your saying I will certainly die soon.Even in the sound of the word quickly, I hearThe word you which starts eexceptionally sentence of joy.

“You’re a thief!” the judge shelp. “Let’s seeYour hands!” I proved my callsupplied hands in court.My sentence was a thousand years of joy.

Normally I would certainly repoint out this poem, however I have something also better, Robert Bly’s recitation of his poem, accompanied by music and video gave by filmmaker DJ Kadagian.

The translators presently execute their occupational in family member obscurity. But I believe that someday, they too will say, favor Robert Bly, “My sentence was a thousand years of joy.”

* * *

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