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Always loved this one probably its because i prospered up watching conserved by the bell in the mornings prior to institution or possibly its because i could check out my self partying through these males and participating in all the hijinx and also shenanigans but i like this one. cmon among the best raps by cliff O'malley. My name is cliff brvarious other of joe i got me some crack and desire me some hoes hahah currently thats funny deff recomend this to high institution and also college age stoners
Oh come on!!! Dead Man on Campus gets so little love. And deservedly so, bereason it is a devastating film and also really exploitative of a sensitive matter for "youths", whoever the fuck they are... now; I was one when it came out- not so much anyeven more but this is steadily inching right into the category of a tangent. Yes, it has actually a depraved sensibility yet it is additionally pretty funny. On yet an additional tangent I when met Mark-Paul Gosselaar at a water park. For reals. Anyexactly how, 3.5 all day bitches.

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I've checked out the various other reviews and I think they simply don't get obtain dark comedy's. Yes probably it a little predictable are times but it unique and I really took pleasure in it. It's got an excellent supporting cast and also Mark-Paul Gossler is extremely great playing someone quite different from Zack Morris. Don't think around it to a lot gain the craziness.
Dead Man On Campus is your average college comedy but through a unique twist and also benefits from funny performances by Tom Everett Scott and Mark-Paul Gosselaar.
Is tright here a method to offer no stars? Probably the worst movie I've ever seen even though it had a couple of world in it who would go on to be bigger stars (Alyson Hannigan, Jachild Segel, Linda Cardellini). I believed at leastern Mark Paul Gosselaar would be hot sufficient in it to keep my attention yet THAT wasn't also the situation. So sad.
A excellent, feel great movie. I just wonder what all the dreary civilization that didn't prefer this movie enjoy? Probably pulling the wings off flies in their spare time.

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Gosselaar offers it his all, and also the fundamental premise is amazing yet the humour is just much also weak.