“Organize yourselves; prepare eincredibly needful thing; and also establish a residence, even a residence of prayer, a residence of fasting, a house of faith, a house of learning, a house of glory, a home of order, a house of God” (D&C 88:119).

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The Lord sassist, “Mine house is a home of order” (D&C 132:8). The holy place is the Lord’s residence, but our residences have the right to be a home of order also. A house of order is a residence wright here we attempt to carry out as Jesus taught. It is a home where we can feel love and peace.

Heavenly Father has actually given paleas the duty to teach and care for their kids through love and also kindness. He has actually provided youngsters the duty to obey and also honor their parental fees. Heavenly Father desires eexceptionally member of the household to work-related together to make his or her home a happy, tranquil location wbelow the Spirit can be.

Elder Glenn L. Pace of the Seventy told exactly how his youngest daughter helped their household carry out things the Lord’s way. He said: “She was the one that reminded us to have actually family prayer. She was the one that tried to gain us excited about family house evening. She devised treacertain hunts; she addressed treats; she would certainly execute anything to try to gain the household excited around having actually household home evening” (“Frifinish to Frifinish,” Friend, Feb. l997, 7).


Rerelocate web page F4 from the magazine, and mount it on heavy paper. Cut out the puzzle pieces. Read Doctrine and Covenants 88:119, and then put the puzzle together in the correct word order, matching the verse. When you have actually completed the puzzle, say the scripture numerous times and attempt to memorize it.

Think about things that you have the right to carry out to help your family have a residence favor Heavenly Father desires you to have—a residence where you deserve to feel love and peace, a residence wright here you have the right to feel His Spirit.

home puzzle

Illustration by Thomas S. Child

Organize yourselves;

prepare eextremely needful thing;

and also develop a residence,

even a residence of prayer,

a home of fasting,

a house of faith,

a home of learning,

a home of glory,

a house of order,

a house of God.

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Sharing Time Ideas

Track presentation: “Building a Family” (2009 Outline for Sharing Time and the Children’s Sacrament Meeting Presentation). Have the kids listen to the music a few times. Then play the music aobtain, and also have the kids tap out the rhythm of the melody notes by lightly tapping their fist right into the palm of their various other hand to reexisting hammering choose a builder. Find images that represent key words of the initially verse (check out Key 1 photo packet). Tape or glue each photo to a box. Write the essential word on the oppowebsite side of package. First teach the song by reflecting the key words. When the children learn a phrase, stack package as if you are structure a house via blocks. When the youngsters can sing the verse all the way through utilizing the vital words, put every one of the boxes randomly ordered in a line via the photos facing forward. Sing each expression, and also let the children select a picture they think matches the phrase. If it matches, have actually a boy put package back in area to construct a house through the picture side reflecting. Eextremely time the youngsters sing the words “I am a builder,” have actually them tap their fists to the rhythm. Teach the second verse by cutting a snapshot of a family right into puzzle pieces. On the earlier of each piece create a crucial word from each expression of the second verse. Teach the phrase using the crucial word. When the kids understand the expression, put the item on the board to present the image side. Repeat with each item till they have actually completed the puzzle of the family. Teach the chorus.