I am an 18 year old girl, and I am 5.7 feet tall. My head circumference is 53 cm and also just 6 inches long. As you more than likely understand from those facts that my head is extremely small. Contrasted to my body my head looks tiny. It additionally looks small once compared to other girls that are my age. Though my head is little, I do not have actually any various other health difficulty. I was wondering, is there anypoint I deserve to take or any type of methods I have to attempt to increase my head size? Is there any possible method to obtain a bigger head? I am not disabled, and also I perform not have psychological or physical problems. Any tips or help that you could give me to help boost my head dimension would be a lot appreciated.

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Answered by Dr. Swaraj S WSame symptoms doesn’t mean you have actually the exact same difficulty. Consult a medical professional now!


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I have actually few inquiries for you as follows.At what age did you begin acquiring your period?Have you ever before had any type of hormonal evaluation?Do anyone in your household (mother, sister, or aunts) have actually a comparable problem?

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Hi doctor,

Thank you for the reply. My first duration was at 14 years. My dad has actually a slightly smaller sized head, so it is hereditary. I have never undergone hormone review either. Is tright here anything at all that can be done? Anything I can take? Any exercises to try?

Answered by Dr. Swaraj S WSame symptoms doesn’t intend you have actually the exact same problem. Consult a physician now!


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Due to the fact that you execute not have any kind of medical background, and also you say your dad also has comparable attributes, that provides it hereditary.Unfortunately, we do not have actually any kind of drugs to increase the size of the head.I would imply you have to take it in your stride and sheight worrying about it.Your all at once health and wellness is normal, and also that is what we all strive for.

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