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What Films Are Like How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days?

Ah, romantic comedies! They're often dubbed cliched, sappy, and idealistic in portraying the concept of love. Love them or hate them, they're here to continue to be. As the idea of romance gets complicated, these movies act as a warmth throwback to simpler times. Out of lots of movies in this genre, How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days prominently stands out.

Featuring Kate Hudchild as Andie and Matthew McConaughey as Ben, this film is a rom-com lover's paradise. Both Andie and also Ben start seeing each various other via a concealed agenda of their very own. Hilarity ensues as they try their finest to outmaneuver each various other. The other one just won't let them!

With such a promising put up, it's tough not to be attracted towards this film. If you loved this directorial work-related by Donald Petrie and also are trying to find comparable movies favor How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days, I have gained you spanned. Take a look at some of the finest romcoms Hollywood has to market.

Films Similar to How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days

Sex And The CityThe Wedding PlannerSweet Home AlabamaMonster-In-LawJust Like HeavenFool's Gold27 DressesThe ProposalHe's Just Not That Into YouNever Been Kissed


1. Sex And The City

Following the lives of four New Yorkers—Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte— this 2008 movie adaptation of the well known HBO sitcom is admired by many kind of. Set a couple of years after the series, the main plot revolves about Carrie and her new boyfriend, Big. In order to get a better apartment in NYC, Big proposes to marry Carrie, to which she easily agrees. However before, chaos in the love resides of her three friends ruins her wedding and also she's left stranded ideal at the altar.

With four powerresidence actresses delivering the film, you'll gain sucked right into their messy lives ideal amethod. One of the significant takeameans the film is the power of friendship. Each one has individual struggles, but via love and also assistance from each other, they weather these storms through ease.

Despite being a romantic comedy on the surconfront, Sex And The City is an empowering movie - a transfixing story encouraging womales to be independent and also not rush into things they aren't ready for.


2. The Wedding Planner

Starring Jennifer Lopez and also Matthew McConaughey, The Wedding Planner is your run-of-the-mill drama, through some funny instances thrvery own in in between. Lopez plays a wedding planner that meets Ben, played by Matthew, by accident. The 2 go on an impromptu day and also hit it off, however quickly component ways as a result of various other commitments. In order to really make a mark in her career, Mary (Lopez) decides to setup her boss' wedding.

Things, however, don't go as smooth. Little does she know that she's around to acquire the shock of her life. Things obtain murkier for our protagonist as she's torn in between her career and also finding love. What will certainly she choose?

Both the lead actors have done a fabulous task, delivering the entirety affair via grace. Due to the fact that Matthew had establimelted himself as the cocoa boy ago in the late 90s, this duty probably was a cakewalk for him.

The ridiculous situations they uncover themselves in will leave you conflicted. While a part of you will uncover it partly relatable, one more component will certainly discover this Adam Shankmale directional outlandish.


3. Sweet Home Alabama

Sweet Home Alabama portrays unconditional love and the pain of loss via unflinching poignance. However before, it's not a grim affair.

Reese Witherspoon plays Melanie, a basic little town girl from Alabama, that provides it big in New York as a fashion designer. After gaining engaged to among the many promising bachelors in tvery own, she's required to challenge her troubled previous. It turns out that Melanie has a husband earlier in Alabama who won't divorce her.

In order to acquire hitched to the significant city hotshot, she goes back to her town to convince her husband also to let her go. However before, as she finds herself in familiar surroundings, she realizes that life in the idyllic small town wasn't so negative after all.

Reese Witherspoon is a phenomenal actress and also she proves her mettle yet aacquire via Sweet Home Alabama. Ever since its release in 2002, the film has got most recognition over the years, through many kind of considering it to be a rom-com staple.

If you're looking for some movies like How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Sweet Home Alabama will certainly not disappoint you.


4. Monster-In-Law

They say marriages not just brings 2 human being together yet it conjoins their family members as well. After watching a romp favor Monster-In-Law, over line renders even more sense, in an ironic method.

This comic caper follows the stays of Charlotte and also Dr. Kevin Fields. After the two hit it off really well, Kevin pops the significant question. Charlotte accepts and is really excited about their huge wedding. Little does she recognize that her life is around to be turned upside down as she comes confront to challenge with Kevin's mother Viola, aka monster-in-legislation, played by Jane Fonda.

After shedding her job as a news anchor, Viola is in a vulnerable position. She is protective of her kid. As you have the right to imagine, the jealous mom offers Charlotte a really tough time as she tries her finest to break off the nuptials. Even as you feel bad for Charlotte, you can't aid however chuckle at their hilarious catfights.

Jane Fonda is the star of the show, pulling off a difficult duty favor this with panache. While she gets many of the camera time, remainder of the actors has actually done an remarkable job too.

5. Just Like Heaven

If you're searching for a rom-com via some spook element, this have to fit your bill. Featuring Mark Ruffalo and also Reese Witherspoon, Just Like Heaven is a sweet love story, with a superorganic twist.

Ruffalo plays David, that moves right into a brand-new apartment in San Francisco. This is no simple apartment, as it's haunted by a woman's gorganize named Elizabeth, played by Witherspoon. A terrified David initially tries to remove this unwelcome guest, but Elizabeth is encouraged she isn't dead and also refprovides to leave.

The desperate guy tries everything, consisting of hiring a medium to connect through her, however to no avail. Strangely, over time, he warms as much as the soul and drops for her. I recognize it's super weird and cheesy, yet you'll love this refreshing and also welcome spin on the rom-com genre.

6. Fool's Gold

Ben, a treasure hunter, is a workaholic. His marriage with wife, Tess, as an outcome, is falling acomponent. Money, however, will certainly heal all the scars, at leastern that's what Ben believes

When Ben uncovers the whereabouts of a legendary treacertain called Queen's Dowry, he automatically ropes in his wife and also her boss, billionaire businessman Nigel Honeycutt, in this pursuit. However before, points are not so cut and dry. There's fierce competition for Ben and his bit team in develop of Moe Fitch, previous mentor turned rival.

Rest of the tale is about these two teams fighting through one another to win the gold for themselves. Fool's Gold dabbles even more with adventurous themes than most rom-coms. There's some activity affiliated with the leads finding themselves in precarious cases.

At times, it feels as if its romance and also comedy aspects are mutually exclusive from each various other. One point is certain; by the end of the film, you will certainly be cheering and rooting for Ben to not simply find the treacertain however to solve his marriage too.

Fool's Gold is a perfect admixture of romance and also action - an anomaly in a sector crammed with brain-dead movies. If you're trying to find a film prefer How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days, this Andy Tennant directed feature have to be appropriate up your alley.

7. 27 Dresses

27 Dresses might seem choose an innocent, sweet, comedy on the surchallenge, but it does ask some challenging questions around the principle of putting everyone else prior to yourself.

This Anne Fletcher directional stars Katherine Heigl as Jane, a peculiar woman who's addicted to weddings. Thanks to her perpetual excitement to attend weddings, she often finds herself playing bridesmassist to random world.

However before, her whole world turns upside once her younger sister decides to gain hitched. Jane is secretly in love with the groom. Will she confess her feelings towards him? Will she come clean to her sister around her suppressed feelings?

Because it's a comedy, you can rest assured that she won't learn her lessons before making some bad decisions. This fun ride delivers a prouncovered message - one that'll make you think.

8. The Proposal

Faking a wedding to protect against deportation is not the best of concepts. Not that I have ever contemplated it, but if any of you have actually ever pondered pulling somepoint preposterous like that, let this capricious flick change your mind.

The Proposal stars Sandra Bullock and Ryan Gosling as Margaret and also Anattracted respectively. Anattracted is Margaret's assistant. Due to the fact that Margaret's Canadian, she encounters a major difficulty via her occupational visa and encounters deportation. This is wbelow all the trouble starts.

In order to prevent being deported, she coerces Andrew to marry her, with the promise that he'll be made editor if he follows through. He reluctantly agrees and as they spend time through Andrew's family in Alaska, a genuine romance sparks between them. Not without a fair share of drama, of course.

Sandra and also Ryan have both played their parts exceptionally well. Sandra's manipulative character will definitely get a climb out of you, especially in the beginning. One can't help but feel poor for Andrew, the assistant. Other than the 2 leads, supporting personalities have done an remarkable task too.

As ridiculous as the film's plot may be, it maneras to save audiences hooked.

9. He's Just Not That Into You

Directed by Ken Kwapis, this film is an amalgamation of numerous stories. The plot follows the resides of five womales and 4 men as they undertaking into the uncharted areas of the dating people. Will they number it out?

Some tales below have actually a happy finishing while others carry out not. Featuring a stellar cast with some of the best actresses in Hollywood, the film can be called an anthology. Well, not specifically, as the stays of each of these womales are somejust how linked, if only by a solitary threview.

The critics complained that in spite of a great cast, no story was given enough display screen time. Hence, the personalities were decreased to stereokinds. While the critics provided this rom-com the cold shoulder, package office numbers told a fully different story. This Ken Kwapis directional was a stellar hit among the masses. If you're not incredibly nitpicky, this flick is for you.

10. Never before Been Kissed

High school drama and teenage angst are perfect ingredients for rom-coms. Starring Drew Barrymore, Never before Been Kissed caters to all the stereoforms one have the right to associate with high colleges. You've acquired the jocks, the famous kids, and of course, the nerds.

Drew plays a reporter for a magazine - a teenager taking care of low self-esteem, many thanks to her hellish years in high institution. Her past comes ago to haunt her when her editor sends her undercover as a high college student. Mortified and dejected, she reluctantly braces herself to confront her inner demons. Although complicated, she learns a lot around herself through this ordeal and additionally finds love - something she desperately craved in her life.

Drew is not afrassist to make a fool of herself in front of the electronic camera. Some of it is painful to watch, yet it'll additionally leave you howling through laughter. It's tough not to relate and sympathize with her character.

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Did I miss out on any type of various other great movies favor How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days? Let me understand in the comments section. I'll be happy to update the list if your suggestions tick all the boxes.