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For M&B version: Warband also 1.1xx
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NOTE: THIS TOOL ONLY AFFECTS THE BATTLE SIZE IN THE SINGLE PLAYER GAME, NOT MULTIPLAYER.With this tool you can obtain approximately the game"s fight size limit of 150 and also rather choose as much as 1000. Note that overly big battle sizes deserve to incredibly quickly crash Warband also if your computer system isn"t able to handle them, or at the least reason horrible slowdowns. Don"t also mean to be able to have battles of size 1000 also if you have the latest and also biggest hardware; that top limit is that high to offer plenty of leemeans. If you experience crashes, you should reduced the battle dimension.This tool is packaged in an installer and also will optionally develop a desktop shortreduced.How to usage this tool:1. Make certain to have run Warband also at leastern when so the configuration information documents are produced.2. Make certain Warband is not running as soon as you usage this tool.3. Run this tool, pick your preferred fight size, then conserve and leave.4. When you following run Warband also, the desired fight dimension will be set (which deserve to be shown on the choices screen).Changelist:v1.5upday to assistance Warband 1.112+, because the configuration file area was changedv1.4.1properly fixed support for regions which usage "," as a decimal separator; oops, previous such resolve didn"t rather cut itv1.4resolved assistance for areas which usage "," as a decimal separatorworking detection of Steam Warband installation directoryv1.3initial release
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