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The geographic area Oceania contains approximately 10,000 islands in the Pacific Ocean, mostly in the western and main portions. Oceania covers about 20 million square miles (50 million square kilometers), or around one third of the huge Pacific Ocean. Yet the total land location of the islands is exceptionally small—just some 324,000 square miles (840,000 square kilometers). Papua New Guinea and New Zealand also represent nine tenths of the full. The various other islands cover simply 41,000 square miles (106,000 square kilometers)—around the degree of Portugal or a 3rd of Ecuador. Most of the islands show up ssuggest as isolated specks on a map of the ocean, and some are mere rocks. Several of the islands are crowded via world, however others are total wilderness. About 14 million world live in the area, nearly 3 quarters of them in New Zealand also and Papua New Guinea.

Several Pacific islands are beyond the borders of Oceania as it is normally conceived. Many type of geographers take into consideration Australia to be a component of Oceania, but others exclude it. This write-up does not encompass Australia (and also its adjoining islands) for reasons of society and geography. The term Oceania usually also excludes countries near the Oriental mainland also, such as Indonesia, Taiwan, the Philippines, and also Japan, and also the smaller islands those countries regulate. East Timor has actually cultural affinities via some Oceanian islands, yet it is not debated right here bereason of its area west of New Guinea. The eastern Pacific has actually extremely few islands. Acomponent from Easter Island also and a couple of tiny unlived in islets, the staying few islands of the eastern Pacific are normally excluded from Oceania.

Oceania is commonly said to consist of 3 huge geographic areas—Polynesia, Micronesia, and also Melanesia. Similar to any generalization, yet, this three-means division of Oceania is rather inaccurate: it was developed by Europeans concerned via their very own exploration, profession, missionary tasks, and also racial relations—and also it ignored many type of cultural and also historic details. Yet it helps to divide the region for quick referral, specifically as soon as considering distinctions in language and also location.

The name Polynesia means “many islands”; it applies mainly to islands via comparable societies that lie in the central Pacific. Amongst the nations of Polynesia are New Zealand, Tuvalu, Tonga, and Samoa. Also had are France’s overseas territory Wallis and Futuna and overseas nation French Polynesia, which incorpoprices the Tuamotu, Gambier, Society, Austral, Leeward, and also Marquesas islands. The New Zealand also dependencies of Tokelau, the Cook Islands, and Niue; the USA dependencies of Amerihave the right to Samoa, Jarvis, Palmyra, and Kingman Reef, among others; and also the British-managed Pitcairn Island also are likewise part of Polynesia. Chile administers Easter Island also, and also Hawaii is a UNITED STATE state.

The name Micronesia means “small islands.” Amongst the region’s sovereign countries are Palau, Nauru, the Federated States of Micronesia, and the Marshall Islands. Kiribati lies mostly within Micronesia, yet its eastern Phoenix and Line Islands jut into Polynesia. Also in Micronesia are the United States territories of Wake Island and also Guam and also the Northern Mariana Islands, a commonwide range in association via the United States.

Melanesia way “islands inhabited by Blacks”—a term presented by racial-minded Europeans, though not all Melanesians have dark skin. Amongst the independent countries of Melanesia are Fiji, the Solomon Islands, and also Vanuatu. Melanesia likewise includes Papua New Guinea, which occupies the eastern component of the huge island also of New Guinea, and the Bismarck Archipelago and also various other nearby islands. The western part of New Guinea is often excluded from Oceania because it is part of Indonesia. New Caledonia is a French abroad nation.

Within the well-known imagination of many kind of Westerners, the Oceanian islands have actually been associated through visions of an earthly paradise of crystal blue waters, white beaches, coconut palms, and smiling, subservient natives. Such imperiods have actually been reinforced by famous movies, romance novels, and glossy travel magazines and also tourist-oriented Internet sites. There are some aspects of fact to those images, in that the islands’ beauty is regularly breathtaking. However before, actual life in Oceania is more complicated and inconsistent, and also at times quite difficult—via “the picturesque landscape, the poetic top quality of the sea, and also the wretchedness of life here,” as the anthropologist Bronislegislation Malinowski wrote in the early on 1900s. Problems on some islands include tropical diseases, drought, typhoons, volcanic eruptions, and stinging insects, and also social problems such as unemployment, low-paying work, harsh functioning conditions, violence, and corruption.

Land and also Climate


Oceania is a physically diverse area, with climates varying from desert to tropical rainforest and also landforms from high mountain to inland swamp and also cdental reef. Some islands a thousand miles apart might have similar climates and also attributes, yet large islands might have a selection of landscapes and also climatic attributes within just a couple of miles.

Most continental and also volcanic islands are called “high islands” also if they are not even more than a few hundred feet high. Cdental islands are mostly called “low islands” because most are almost at sea level.

Continental Islands

New Zealand also and also the larger islands of Melanesia are referred to as continental islands bereason they are made partially of extremely old rock layers, like portions of the continents. Many type of have actually steep slopes because of damaging from sea waves and erosion from hefty rainloss. Not even the heavy growth of forest that covers these steep slopes can keep all the soil in location. Parts of New Guinea’s interior have actually terrain so rugged that they are virtually empty of people.

Volcanic Islands and also the Ring of Fire

Many of the islands of Oceania are near the edge of the Pacific tectonic plate. As the plate moves northwest, it causes an excellent deal of geologic task, including volcanic eruptions. Since of the many type of active volcanoes along the Pacific Plate’s limits, the surrounding shorelines are regularly referred to as the Ring of Fire.

Volcanoes have produced many Pacific islands, however just some are of the explosive type. Others, such as those on the Hawaiian and also Samoan islands, are substantial dome-shaped volcanoes formed by successive sheets of lava flows. These types are dubbed shield volcanoes bereason their rounded shapes look like warriors’ shields when regarded from above. The Hawaiian chain of islands is located on a geologic warm spot that has shifted southeastward for countless years and is now under the island of Hawaii. Vast quantities of molten lava pour from Mauna Loa and also Kilauea, the last of which is the world’s biggest active volcano. The island likewise has the greatest shield volcano of Oceania, Mauna Kea, which rises to 13,796 feet (4,205 meters).

Coral Reefs, Atolls, and also Reef Limestone

Low islands are dubbed atolls if they consist of a ring of land also or isallows bordering a shallow lagoon. Their land consists of broken pieces of coral and also white sand. Many such low islands additionally have actually patches of abundant soil developed by gradually accumulated plant matter, airborne dust, and also fertilizers used by farmers. Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands is the largest atoll in the people. It is composed of 90 isallows on the rim of a lagoon of about 650 square miles (1,683 square kilometers). Many low islands are at risk from storms, tsunamis, and also climbing sea levels bereason of worldwide warming.

Some cdental islands consist of reef limerock that was increased slowly over thousands or even numerous years. Many of Tonga’s islands are of this elevated form, including the biggest, Tongatapu, which covers some 100 square miles (260 square kilometers). Equally large is the increased island also of Niue. The two islands have actually fairly level surencounters and reddish-brvery own soil.

Due to the fact that the limerock and also volcanic rock on some islands is porous, tbelow is little bit or no surface water. Many type of people depend on rainwater collected in cisterns, and also imported drinkable water. Rainwater seeps underground wbelow it collects over heavier salt water in a so-dubbed freshwater lens. The bigger the island, the thicker and also bigger the lens. Small islets perched on atoll rims have small, thin, and also vulnerable lenses. Such lenses are basic to exhaust, in which situation seawater flows up and replaces them—particularly wright here town wells draw too much water.

Coral is also an essential function in the waters bordering many type of islands. Nat an early stage all the occupied high islands of Oceania are surrounded by a kind of cdental reef dubbed a fringing reef, other than where the water is also cold.

Earthquakes and Tsunamis

Some parts of Oceania experience constant earthquakes because of the movement of continental plates. Quakes that take place underwater occasionally develop tsunamis, or giant sea waves, which can reason devastating destruction when they reach shorelines. The worst organic disaster in Hawaii’s history developed once a tsunami struck the city of Hilo on April 1, 1946, causing 159 deaths. A tsunami that struck Papua New Guinea on July 17, 1998, killed even more than 2,100 world, injured 1,000, and also disinserted 10,000 more.


Oceania is mostly hot and humid year-round. The islands have no true winter or summer, yet many type of areas experience seasonal transforms in winds, sea curleas, and also rainautumn. Low islands are at the mercy of the winds, which can carry sufficient rain to develop lush forests on some islands while leaving others dry wastelands. Most Oceanians live in components of the western Pacific where rainloss exceeds 80 inches (200 centimeters) per year. In general, in the tropical areas solid trade winds blow from the east. Much farther away from the equator, the prevailing winds blow west to east. However before, significant storms and El Niño occasions can disrupt normal weather fads.

Higher elevations primarily have lower temperatures and also higher amounts of rain, specifically on slopes dealing with the wind. Mountains reason the air relocating over them to climb and for this reason to cool. Clouds then create and develop rain. On the island also of Kauai in Hawaii, approximately 460 inches (1,170 centimeters) of rain strike the summit of Mount Waialeale annually. But on the adjacent sea the yearly rainfall is only about 10 inches (25 centimeters). Hawaii’s greatest peaks, such as Mauna Kea, have the right to be quite dry, bereason air blowing up the mountainsides loses the majority of of its moisture prior to getting to the peak. Mauna Kea has actually such clear air that it is one of the finest huge sites on Earth.

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Thunderstorms are constant in Oceania, yet far even more dangerous are tropical storms, which extend for thousands of miles. They occasionally grow effective sufficient to end up being hurricanes, likewise called typhoons or tropical cyclones. The roaring winds and also enormous surges of ocean water that they develop have the right to devastate farms, woodlands, villperiods, ports, and also entire islands.