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C.1True/False: Indicate whether the statement is true or false.____1. Documents handling have the right to be as easy as organizing data to reveal patterns.____2. Information suggests familiarity, awareness, and expertise understanding as it uses to an environment.____3. Documents constitute the structure blocks of indevelopment.____4. Metadata current an extra finish image of the data in the database.____5. The DBMS reveals much of the database’s interior intricacy to the application programs and also users.____6. A query language is a procedural language.Multiple Choice: Identify the alternative that finest completes the statement or answers the question.____7. ____ is the body of information and also facts about a details subject.a. Datac. Knowledgeb. Informationd. A database____8. Accurate, appropriate, and also timely information is the crucial to ____.a. data managementc. knowledgeb. great decision makingd. understanding____9. End-user data is ____.a. raw facts about the end-userb. raw facts of interemainder to the end-userc. data around datad. accurate, relevant and also timely information____ 10. ____ provide(s) a summary of the data attributes and the collection of relationships that attach the information foundwithin the database.a. Queriesc. Metadatab. End-user datad. Information____ 11. The ____ serve(s) as the intermediary in between the user and the database.a. DBMSc. end-user datab. metadatad. programming language____ 12. The database structure is stored as a ____.a. fileb. arsenal of filesc. collection of key/value pairsd. arsenal of queries____ 13. A(n) ____ could be created by a programmer or it might be created through a DBMS utility regime.a. queryc. database monitoring systemb. operating systemd. application program____ 14. ____ exists when various versions of the same data show up in different areas.a. File inconsistencyc. Better data integrationb. Documents consistencyd. Improved decision making ____ 15. A(n) ____ database is designed to support a company’s day-to-day operations.a. desktopc. enterpriseb. workgroupd. transactional____ 16. A(n) ____ database is supplied by an company and supports many kind of users throughout many type of departments.a. desktopc. enterpriseb. workgroupd. transactional____ 17. A(n) ____ database supports a little variety of customers, or a particular department within an company.a. desktopc. enterpriseb. workgroupd. transactional____ 18. A ____ database supports information dispersed across numerous various sites.a. single-userc. centralizedb. multiuserd. distributed____ 19. A workgroup database is a(n)____ database.a. single-userb. multiuserc. enterprised. distributed____ 20. A desktop database is a ____ database.a. single-userb. multiuserc. workgroupd. distributed____ 21. Many decision-assistance data are based on historic data obtained from ____.a. operational databasesc. enterpclimb databasesb. information warehousesd. workgroup databases____ 22. The ____ framework is rather different from that of an operational or transactional database.a. data warehousec. enterprise databaseb. workteam databased. spread database____ 23. ____ information exist in the format in which they were built up.a. Structuredc. Unstructuredb. Semistructuredd. Historical____ 24. ____ information exist in a format that does not lend itself to processing that yields indevelopment.a. Structuredc. Unstructuredb. Semistructuredd. Historical____ 25. ____ information are the result of formatting to facilitate storage, use and also generation of information.a. Structuredc. Unstructuredb. Semistructuredd. Historical____ 26. Most information you enrespond to is best classified as ____.a. Structuredc. Unstructuredb. Semistructuredd. Historical____ 27. Which of the following is an instance of structured data?a. A Internet web page.c. A memo.b. An e-mail.d.

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