I have actually wanted a new brush set for rather some time. One of the brands that really stuck out to me was Morphe Brushes. They are affordable and I have actually read good points around their high quality. Jaclyn Hill has actually talked alot about their brushes recently and also currently has her own favorites palette through them. I determined to examine out their brush set offerings and also pick one to put on my Christmas list. After going with every one of the sets, I chose the 18 Piece Vegan Brush set. It contained a vast range of brushes, was a reasonable price, and was vegan which was the best part! Luck for me, my lovely sister in regulation picked this up for me as a Christmas gift! I was so excited and couldn"t wait to get home and attempt the brushes out.

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These brushes come in a patent leather brush instance that snaps shut. It additionally has actually flap that covers the brushes. I have actually it folded behind the case so that you have the right to watch all the brushes.
1.Pointed Liner Brush10.Oval Shadow Brush
2.Lip Brush11.Deluxe Shadow Brush
3.Smudger Brush12.Angled Blender Brush
4.Angle Liner Brush13.Pointed Foundation Brush
5.Flat Liner Brush14.Contour Brush
6.Mini Concealer Brush15.Bronzer Brush
7.Small Shadow Brush16.Angle Blush Brush
8.Concealer Brush17.Powder Brush
9.Deluxe Blending Crease18.Deluxe Fan Brush
Here are what the brushes look favor close up:

1. Pointed liner brush, 2. Lip Brush, 3. Smudger Brush, 4. Angle Liner Brush, 5. Flat Liner Brush, 6. Mini Concealer Brush, 7. Small Shadow Brush, 8. Concealer Brush
My favorite brushes from above are the Lip Brush and Smudger Brush. I actually usage the lip brush to highlight the inner corners of my eyes through shadow. I haven"t tried the liner brushes yet considering that I don"t usage cream or gel liners often. I have actually supplied the mini concealer brush to carve out my brows via concealer.

L-R: 9. Deluxe Blfinishing Crease, 10. Oval Shadow Brush, 11. Deluxe Shadow Brush, 12. Angled Blfinishing Brush, 13. Pointed Foundation Brush, 14. Contour Brush, 15. Bronzer Brush
My favorite brushes from over are the Deluxe Blfinishing Crease, Oval Shadow Brush, Angled Blending Brush, and Bronzer Brush. They eye brushes are so thick and also use shadow prefer a dream. The blfinishing brushes are so awesome at including product without producing a harsh line. I actually use the Bronzer Brush as a blush brush as I choose this shape over the Angled Blush Brush. The just brush that I deserve to say that I don"t favor is the Pointed Foundation Brush. Its really stiff and also awkward to use. I have actually no principle exactly how you use foundation through this. I might only usage it to draw lines on my confront via the structure. I then went earlier and blended it into my skin via a buffing brush.

My favorite product from above is the Powder Brush. Its so soft and plushy and uses powder really nicely. I haven"t tried the fan brush yet yet these are excellent for using highlighter to the tops of your cheeks or cleaning off autumn out.

This is what the instance looks like all closed up. The snaps are magnetic so it renders it really straightforward to keep the instance closed.

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Overall, this is a wonderful set for the price! The only points that I would change would be to encompass much less level shadow brushes and also concealer brushes and to include a flat kabuki brush or buffing brush of some type. The level shadow brushes would be excellent for someone that provides a ton of cream shadows (which I perform not). Even still, I just feel favor one is required. Same goes for the concealer. Also, a flat structure brush would have actually been wanted over the pointed one. That being sassist, I still love this collection so much. The brushes are all super soft and also use product wonderfully. They are sturdy and carefully crafted brushes. I would certainly recommend this set to anyone look for a high top quality yet affordable brush kit.Have you tried any kind of Morphe Brushes? Blog post your comments below!
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