The over quote is why I think that success is not individual, however rather takes a area. In the years considering that I started THREADVERTISEMENT, I have actually been provided a good deal of assistance. Whether it was a word of encouragement from family members and also friends, advantageous advice from an additional business owner, or feedearlier from a customer, many world were tbelow to aid obtain THREAD off the ground and also make it what it is this day.

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As a thank you to those who helped me, I was figured out to pay it forward and help a gold thcheck out that came right into my life, my dear frifinish Nikki McCarthy. Nikki and I common an immediate connection before I might also comprehfinish the tragedy she had actually endured. She is now functioning on a dream of hers, and I couldn’t be more proud or honored to help her.

Nikki"s daughter, Sam, was initially diagnosed with Fanconi Anemia as soon as she was simply seven years old. For five years Sam’s physicians were able to store her healthy and energetic and also during that time she did what many kind of girls perform — she played via her friends, listened to music, checked out institution, and also was a good massive sister to her 3 little brothers. At the age of 11, but, Sam’s bone marrow began failing and also she was hospitalized at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital where she underwent a bone marrow transplant. For those who don’t understand, a bone marrow transplant is a substantial process that calls for weeks, and in instances prefer Sam’s, months, of time invested isolated in a hospital room.These rooms are necessarily sterile environments filled with makers and innovation. The days drag on and also are conquered by medical jargon and dimensions. But thankfully, there are art and music therapists who visit the children on a regular basis. These therapists are tbelow to remind them that also though their deals with are swollen and their hair has actually fallen out that they are still beautiful, they can suffer joy, and also they deserve to make beautiful things to hear and also see. 

In 2014, Nikki organized an inaugural fundelevating race in honor of her daughter Sam. The race was a success and Nikki was able to make a generous donation to the Fanconi Anemia Research Fund, the company dedicated to finding a cure for the condition that took Sam’s life in October of 2009. Buoyed by the support she obtained via the race, Nikki made a decision to take the following action and accomplish her goal of establishing Sam’s Fans, a long-term structure in Sam’s honor.

The Sam’s Fans Foundation is dedicated to helping assistance music and art therapists, and the youngsters they serve.

In October of 2015, A THREAD of Hope was born. Ssuggest put, we were blvery own ameans by the response to our inaugural occasion. A sell-out evening through a stunning Fashion Presentation, live bands, regional bites, and well over 300 in attendance- it was an extrasimple night that we will certainly never before forget! The 3 years that followed were also more remarkable, and also buoyed by the tremendous support of our community, A THREAD of Hope has actually increased over $300,000 in simply 4 years. And we"ve got no plans to sluggish dvery own now!

I am thrilled and proud to share the affect A THREAD of Hope has made as a result. In enhancement to supporting 2 remarkable establishments that share our mission: Flying Horse Farms and the Ronald McDonald House of Central Ohio, we were able to provide funding for a much needed art therapy regime at the Cincinnati Children"s Medical Center BMT unit, specializing in care for patients through severe illnesses. We were absolutely thrilbrought about aid Nikki realize a longtime dream of bringing a part-time outpatient music therapist to pediatric patients at Nationwide Children"s Hospital!

2019 Goals

Raise over $150,000 to benefit Nationwide Children’s Hospital and also Flying Horse Farms.

Fund a "Spotlight Club" for the summer camp seachild at Flying Horse Farms. This club helps campers develop creative and also emotional healthy and balanced outlets via tasks in the arts.

Fund the Sam’s Fans scholarship, awarded to a main Ohio high school senior pursuing a career in music & art treatment.

Continue our capital of the outpatient music therapist at Nationwide Children"s Hospital.


In honor of this mission thcheck out is thrilresulted in existing the 5th annual A THREADVERTISEMENT of Hope.

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