Here"s whatever you must understand for the Missing in Action job in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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geruperform canyon secure next to photo of sesami talking to link
The Legend of Zelda is a series familiar through side pursuits. There are 76 side searches in Breath of the Wild, and it's basic to shed track of which one's you are working on. Many kind of of these searches are offered by NPCs spcheck out throughout the area, that will certainly ask you to help with easy jobs. One of these side searches is Missing In Action.

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For this pursuit, you will certainly be tasked with rescuing a frifinish team from a hoard of Bokoblins in Geruperform Canyon. In this overview, we are going to go over everything you need to recognize to complete Missing In Action. First, let's take a look at wbelow to begin this search.

Starting The Quest

map of gerudo canyon, through wasteland also tower highlighted to display area of stable
To start this pursuit, head to the Geruexecute Canyon Stable.

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This steady can be discovered alengthy the route causing the desert circled on the map above. In addition, the stable is situated close to the Wasteland also Tower. If you currently have actually this tower unlocked, you can teleport below and glide down to the secure.

Sesami will certainly be standing exterior of the steady. To start the Missing In Action sidequest, talk to Sesami. He will certainly tell you that he is searching for his 4 friends, Palme, Flaxel, Canolo, and also Oliff. Your task will be to uncover these friends and return earlier to Sesami.

Koukot Plateau through 4 areas noted reflecting wbelow to uncover sesami
Once you have accepted the search, head to the Koukot Plateau. This is a region on the path heading ago towards the main region of the map. All of Sesami's friends deserve to be discovered in this area.

The Koukot Plateau consists of a number of wood walkmethods and also Bokoblins. After you make it to this location, climb up the wood walkmethod and continue upwards. Defeat any Bokoblins that appear in your means and conserve Sesami's friends.

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Three of the friends will certainly be pretty close together (Flaxel, Canolo, and also Oliff), but, the last friend (Palme) will certainly be farther southern as shown on the map. This is a platcreate on the left side of the path; you have the right to gain right here from the suspfinished walkways and also platcreates. Defeat the 2 Bokoblins in your method and also rescue the last frifinish.