I intend without it shooting off away from you in some direction. Maybe I"m just missing somepoint, but eincredibly time I ideal click to exit a boat it appears to shoot off out right into the water. I"d choose to hop out on to the land beside me and have the watercraft continue to be put.

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I recognize you have the right to develop elaborate docks with doors and such. But is tbelow a way to just neatly gain out of a boat without all that?


The simplest way I uncover is to look directly downwards, ideal click to departure, and then closely hop from the boat. It still moves, but not so a lot.

Perhaps Mojang might deal with this in a future update? It can be worth going to the Get Satisfaction web page for Mojang and seeing if it"s been increased as an concern already. If not, raise it.



What I commonly do is the exact same as I execute for minecart stations: put a minecart on a rail on the shore, then surround that via fifty percent blocks. You have the right to then ideal click on it from the watercraft, magic-ing you right into it and not disturbing the boat. It can not be what you are searching for, yet it is basic and also functions well.


Make a dock out of soul-sand also and run your watercraft into it. It will not immediately break against the soul-sand also, unchoose various other products, and also as soon as it is stuck in the soul-sand it will certainly stay put unmuch less you shove it out.


Make certain you enter straight, or else you"ll spin about unpredictably.If the watercraft is entirely still, you don"t should do the space+arrowhead manuever before. Just don"t move, click on the watercraft to obtain off, and jump. The currental fees save the watercraft secure and in the spot you leave it for future trips.

It isn"t fairly as fancy as docks through doors, but it does involve some tricky currental fees so your mileage might differ.

Source: Boat Science on MC Forums

I usage the Soul Sand technique described by Zoredache, yet you can want to lug food with you on your boating trips, bereason the Soul Sand also dock occasionally glitches up and deals massive damage to your health and wellness, sometimes killing you in one hit (although food is pretty a lot worthmuch less if that happens). It seems choose damage that would certainly apply to a watercraft as soon as crashing into various other things, uses to you as soon as crashing into Soul Sand also.

I have discovered just gaining out of the boat while it still has actually some bare minimum momentum and letting it slide out from under me to have actually perfect results, in that I do not bump it and have to chase it across the sea :)

You"re not absent anything... happens to every one of us.

Row to shore, so the front of the boat is emotional land also. Then look dvery own at the boat and also right-click, as Jasarien argues, and ago out of the boat, so it is "pushed" in the direction of shore. It should bacount relocate, if at all.

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I"ve found that watercrafts are less likely to go shooting off into the distance if you acquire out of them wbelow water is just one square deep. It"s not always perfect, but that, unified with looking right dvery own once you leave, normally prevents a watercraft from flying amethod and crashing right into the shore.

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Is tbelow a way to create a water item-slide from a creature-trap without chickens passing with it in Minecraft?
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