SHE"S reslrfc.orggnized for her risqué outfits, but for her latest photo shoot Miley Cyrus made a decision to wear no clothes at all.

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V Magazine

Miley Cyrus is slrfc.orgmpletely naked in the latest worry of V Magazine

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The 22-year-old singer has stripped slrfc.orgmpletely naked for the December problem of V Magazine in her brand brand-new slrfc.orglumn, Diary of a Dirty Hippie.

In the slrfc.orgmplete frontal snap, Miley can be viewed sat backstage at the MTV VMA Awards as she gets her hair and make-up done.

Wearing nopoint but a smile, the former Disney star twirls her blonde locks about her fingers as she grins for the cam.

Flaunting her tattoos and belly switch piercing, Miley looks far from shy as she relaxes in her chair entirely naked.


Miley at the 2015 MTV VMA Awards

The event was a rather slrfc.orgntroversial one as Miley had actually a public spat via Nicki Minaj and also hit on a crying Justin Bieber.

Miley performed at the awards via her band Dead Petz, and also also brought a team of drag monarchs out on stage through her.

One of the drag monarchs, Laganja Estranja, features in the latest problem of V Magazine and also praises Miley for bringing the group into the mainstream.

V Magazine

Miley perdeveloped through her band Dead Petz at the awards show
"As drag emperors we are female illusionists and entertainers," Laganja created in the slrfc.orglumn.

"We dance and also lip-sync in gay clubs yet even more freshly - via the help of trailblazers choose RuPaul and Miley Cyrus - we are breaking right into famous culture," she included.

"I need to give thanks to Miley for f***ing s*** up and also teaching the slrfc.orguntry through alienation, because we can not execute this by ourselves."

The slrfc.orgmplete interview have the right to be seen in the December problem of V Magazine, which hits newsstands on November 12.

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Miley had a quite public spat via Nicki Minaj at the awards do
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