Today in celebrity gossip: Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez damaged up; Mariah Carey and also Nick Cannon damaged up; Jersey Shore's Ronnie and Sammi broke up.

Price Peterkid August 23, 2014

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When news initially started to spcheck out that two of Hollywood"s hottest and also hot-blooded oppowebsite gender-enthusiasts had at lengthy last discovered love in each other"s arms, I think we all breathed a sigh of relief. We live in a confmaking use of civilization wbelow there"s so rarely rhyme or factor to any kind of of the universe"s inner worqueens and also periodically it"s nice to witness something that looks so great on paper ALSO occupational out perfectly in real life. Zac Efron and also Michelle Rodriguez were made for each various other, nobody deserve to deny this, and also for once a Hollywood romance provoked absolutely zero concerns or doubts in fans" minds. This was real and also it was forever. Except whoops! Life"s bitter cruelties reprimary unlimited as it currently falls to me to bring you some negative news: We were wrong. Sometimes not even perfect pairings last forever; Zac Efron and also Michelle Rodriguez have actually called off their romance. Much prefer the cursed pairing of otherwise made-for-each-other Eurydice and Orpheus, occasionally beauty and also reality are too complex for something so ephemeral as true love. According to E! Online, "Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez have made a decision to go their sepaprice ways" however through the included caveat, "for currently." Because that deserve to really say once the next time this perfectly complementary pair will certainly when aobtain interlock and come to be more than the amount of their parts? Nobody deserve to. Except, what"s this? A third party MAY have actually come between them? According to E!, Michelle"s previous fling Cara Delevingne was constantly being pointed out in front of Efron! "It was constantly, "Cara, Cara, Cara."" In truth, both Rodriguez and Delevingne are presently palling approximately New York City together. And wright here is Efron? He"s "working out in L.A." Ugh, heartache. When will certainly you leave us alone? Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez are no much longer soul mates. BUT WHY? Much favor in our search for the beginnings and function of love itself, we may never get the answers we look for, sorry.

More negative news, I"m afraid: Page Six is currently reporting that Mariah Carey and her agèd child-groom Nick Cannon have successfully separated. According to their "sources," Page Six believes that the pair have actually been "living separately" for some time, which is a normal development when it concerns amicable splits. Except, what"s this? "She hired protection to keep him away from other womales." Okay, uh, that"s more than likely normal too right? Anyway, it shows up Carey has been living in their common home via their twin youngsters while Cannon has been "continuing to be at his grandparents’ residence during a trial separation." Apparently "rumors swirled this week that the couple were collection to officially announce their breakup" and Page Six"s primary proof for this seems to be the truth that the pair haven"t been showing up in each other"s Instagram photos lately. No, seriously, they"ve checked. Anymethod, yeah. Will Mariah Carey and also Nick Cannon actually break up? Stay tuned. Or at leastern remain out-of-tune and also surprisingly raspy.

This one could simply hit the hardest: Longtime Jersey Shore love birds Ronnie Magro and also Sammi Giancola have actually broken things off after five years of on-aacquire, off-aobtain psychosex-related intrigue. So what could have actually caused this pillar of the Jersey Shore heritage to lastly crumble? Were their tastes in literature incompatible? One as well many kind of cutting remarks during wine tastings? Noticeably lessened sex-related chemistry complying with an debate stemming from their diametrically opposed interpretations of Goethe"s later on writings? Actually it was much easier than that: "We were drifting acomponent and not really spfinishing any time together." Tragedie, you dark shepherd, why must you terrorize these lambs so? Anymethod, Ronnie and also Sammi have broken up and also that is the new truth we live in currently. Enjoy.

Are Rihanna and also Drake ago together again? Well, are they? Are they? But seriously, are they? According to Page Six Rihanna recently "met up through Drake at The Griffin in the Meatpacking District late Monday, wbelow they occupied surrounding tables yet continued to be cshed all night." Neighboring tables! Tbelow is no more powerful confirmation of a rekindled romance than sitting near someone"s table in a restaurant. But you make the call: Are Drake and also Rihanna ago together? Please answer me. Please.

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