The initially Men In Black was sharp and funny, a tight, reliable summer special-impacts image. Men In Black II was dumb, endless (also though it was ten minutes shorter than its predecessor), and also worst of all, not any kind of fun. One great thing it did, though, was set the bar so low for Men In Babsence 3 that all the latest installment had to carry out was not suck to be an innovation. Thankfully, Men In Black 3 exceeds those modest requirements via room to spare, and also while nowbelow near as great as the first, is rather an entertaining little of blockbusterism.

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No spoilers.

It opens via a sequence that uses the Pussycat Dolls’ Nicole Scherzinger to demonstrate the 3D photography (which is outstanding, as is she, though the leering goes on a hair much longer than it needs to), and to present primary villain Boris The Animal, under extremely tight guard at a prison even more maximum-defense than any kind of on Earth. I’ll leave it there, as both the location of the priboy and also the name of the that plays Boris are best experienced as surprises.


One advantage the Men In Babsence movies have always had actually over other Will Smith vehicles is having actually Tommy Lee Jones around, with enough gravitas that he isn’t overwhelmed by Will Smith doing his Will Smith Thing. Here, Josh Brolin substitutes for Jones for a lot of of the movie and also does an eerily great job of playing the 1969 version (specifically in the scene as soon as the agents face Andy Warhol, played by the always-brilliant Bill Hader), so much so that my friend via whom I experienced the movie turned to me afterward and also shelp, “I really want to view a lot even more Josh Brolin-Will Smith movies now!” And I agree, they perform work-related rather well together, so a lot so that as the movie goes alengthy, Will Smith starts giving somepoint resembling an actual performance, which is nice, because prior to his act solidified into shtick he was an appealing young At times in Men In Babsence 3, though, he does come across as a bit too old for that act, and also in need of an upgrade to Will Smith 2.0. Still, Smith doesn’t sink this picture, by any indicates, and also for all his foibles is still a charismatic existence.

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There’s no means to say “Men In Black 3 doesn’t suck” without it seeming condescfinishing, because, well, it is. I recognize it’s a little mean of me that that’s the just point I can think of as a pull quote for the poster (what I wouldn’t offer to watch that poster….) but considering just how woeful the second movie was and, for all it being entertaining, exactly how silly the initially one was, “it doesn’t suck” actually sort of is an achievement. I was going to compose some about just how Men In Babsence 3 violated series canon, but then I started laughing uncontrollably bereason, seriously, it’s Men In Black. But, all that aside, this latest installment in the series is exceptionally entertaining and has actually cool distinct results. Men In Babsence 3 does specifically what it requirements to do to be the sort of movie it collection out to be, which is the typical for success for any movie, blockbuster or no.