"One of the earliest things I learned as an actor wregarding never before judge your character, to never think anypoint he does is wrong," Sam Claflin shelp. "You have to understand why he renders particular decisions or why he does certain points, why he"s in a details instance or a particular circumstance and also work back from tbelow."


Me Before You.>

Playing the quadriplegic leading male in the movie adaptation of Jojo Moyes‘ best-offering novel Me Before You came through a “minearea of challenges,” star Sam Claflin told The Hollyhardwood Reporter of his role as Will Traynor.

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Physically, Claflin shelp he “had to be still and also use muscles I wasn’t supplied to utilizing in order to manipulate my body right into a details place and also sustain that for hours and hours on end. It was an extremely, extremely tough shoot yet one that I would certainly execute aobtain.” But he said the character’s “emotional journey” was also more daunting.

“Playing somebody that desires to kill himself quite literally is one of the hardest points to understand also once I’ve never felt prefer that,” Claflin shelp. “I’ve spoken to people that have or are feeling favor that and also it scars you and I can’t assist yet think ago to those civilization and also hope that they’re still OK and find a factor to live.”

Indeed, as those that read Moyes‘ book recognize, after being paralyzed in an accident and also miserable in his current state, Will is identified to end his life and eventually goes with through helped self-destruction despite finding happiness with his caretaker Lou Clark, played by Emilia Clarke. Will renders the very same controversial decision in the movie.


Still, Moyes, who also scripted the movie, told THR at the film’s New York premiere last week that the story isn’t necessarily advocating Will’s course of activity, just trying to remain true to the character.

“This is not a decision that we’re saying is the right decision necessarily, yet it’s his decision and also it’s kind of true to the character that he is. I guess the thing that we were interested in was if someone provides that sort of too much decision, what’s the influence on the people around him and that’s really what this story’s about,” Moyes defined.

Director Thea Sharrock, who helmed her first feature with Me Before You, shelp Will’s alternative is “the just decision that’s feasible for the film to be made.”

“I think it’s the brave option and I think it puts the subject on the table for conversation,” Sharrock told THR at the Me Before You premiere in New York. “If he hadn’t taken that decision, we wouldn’t be standing below having this conversation, and also I think all credit to the studio for not ever questioning whether that have to be in the movie or not.”

As for Claflin, he said he tried not to judge yet simply comprehfinish why his character would certainly do such a thing.


“I had to understand him and his decision,” he defined. “One of the earliest points I learned as an actor wregarding never judge your character, to never think anything he does is wrong. You need to understand also why he renders particular decisions or why he does certain points, why he’s in a certain situation or a details circumstance and job-related back from tright here. That was the first thing I did really: totally obtained into the mind of him.”

Clarke claims it was straightforward for the actors to stay gain in the heads of their personalities, because Moyes scripted the film and might answer their concerns.

“You go, ‘Do I read the book?’ Or perform I go ‘Jojo, you understand that chapter?’ We were incredibly lucky,” she said.

Still, Clarke did read the book, prior to she even review the script, with her agent explaining that Moyes would certainly be creating the screenplay. Like many type of fans of the tearjerker romance, Clarke found herself get over through eactivities by the story.

“I read the book and also fell in love,” she shelp. “I was on the collection of Terminator as soon as I was filming it and just cried.”


Moyes, who states she was asked to write the screenplay, knows that it’s not common that the author of a well-known book will certainly have the ability to script its big-screen adaptation however felt she had the ability to keep the balance of tones and also subjects and the voice of the story.

As she was deciding what to store and also what to reduced, she and also Sharrock concentrated on Will and Lou’s romance.

“That was the the majority of necessary thing, and we just operated out what can be maintained about that,” she said.

Sharrock, meanwhile, wishes fans of the book will be pleased via the movie.

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“There’s an extraordinary love that’s end up being palpable with the book, so I hope that the film delivers,” she sassist.