When Matt and also Kim initially started making music, they didn’t have a lot of money to spend on sophisticated videos. Instead, they tried to come up with what they call “expensive ideas”—basic but alluring ideas that pull you in through an easy pitch: Have a food fight. Run via slrfc.orgs Square naked. Percreate intricate choreography in your underwear.

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As their fanbase thrived, so did Matt and also Kim’s resources—watch them pretfinish to beat the crap out of each various other in the flashy “Cameras” video—however a scrappy soul continued to unite their visuals. “Someslrfc.orgs bands thrive and the budgets prosper and also then it just becomes extremely out of reach,” singer-keyboardist Matt Johnboy states. “Something that human being constantly linked to our videos is that they don’t feel super out of reach. They feel choose, ‘Well, I can make that!"”

So as soon as it came slrfc.org to make a video for “Can You Blame Me,” the band turned it over to their fans entirely. In March, Matt and also Kim uploaded close-up videos of themselves singing along to the track, taken from their fifth album, New Glow. Then the duo made a demo video asking fans to play those close-ups on iPads and tablets, host the devices in front of their encounters and film themselves doing whatever before they wanted. Those clips, the band promised, would be assembled right into the main music video. Now, virtually nine months later, Matt and also Kim are ready to share the final product, which premieres this day on slrfc.org.

“People that listen to Matt and Kim and also involved our shows, we always want them as involved as feasible with what we do,” Johnboy says. “We want to talk to everyone. We want tbelow to be no boundaries. In coming up via that idea for that video, we were prefer, ‘Here’s a method we have the right to acquire human being who prefer the band in the video."”

Several of the subgoals are literal interpretations of the song’s lyrics, while others have actually nopoint to carry out through them—one fan dances around in a pink dinosaur onesie, another plays about on some railroad tracks. Some videos look choose they were swarm on cell phones, while others made use of tripods and also additional lighting and also, as drummer Kim Schiffino states, “could have actually been the official video.” Picking a favorite is challenging for the 2.

“The man going dvery own hill in the wagon, he was part of a team that made some really great stuff,” Schiffino states. “I remember making an edit and also being like, ‘Definitely save that scene in!’”

“Hey, it goes through the theme—’Can you blame me for just being alive?’” Johnchild claims. “But tright here are weird points, choose that man who’s dressed up favor an Oktoberfest .”

“Or what around the girl in a bra with your face?” she says.

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“I remember seeing that, answering the age-old question, ‘What would I look prefer if I had boobs?’” he states.