We’re honored to have actually a review of The Masters Recheck out Volume III via stories selected by Lev Grossman in Small Press Publication Rewatch.

“What renders this repertoire so solid is that the stories, once taken together, are reacting to the human experience in such various ways. We are not seeing the exact same thing over and also over. Instead, we are dropped right into ten various people via ten different sets of characters that are shouting for us to pay attention.”

“The Masters Resee mirrors that tright here are great points on the horizon for readers of modern literature, it is simply a issue of time.”

Check out the full evaluation here. Huge thanks to Sam Slaughter and also Small Press Book Resee. (Volume III is our last collection before we opened up submissions to all arising authors, not simply students in graduate programs.)

Interested in a copy? You deserve to order the anthology here!

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