After owning their miserable little bit area for years, the Jets, the finger-snapping street gang led by Riff (Russ Tamblyn), uncover themselves in a turf battle via the upbegin Puerto Rideserve to Sharks, led by Bernarcarry out (George Chakiris). Riff plans to obstacle the Sharks to a rumble at a area dance and also asks his old buddy Tony (Richard Beymer) to come along.

Tony"s out of the game—he obtained a job—also though he established the Jets through Riff, but he agrees to come alengthy to aid his frifinish out. Tony"s been feeling lately prefer somepoint excellent is gonna take place to him.

He"s not sure what it is, but it"s simply around the corner.

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When Tony arrives at the dance, he spots a girl who literally provides the rest of the civilization loss ameans and reasons him to burst right into song. Her name is Maria (Natalie Wood) and he croons it to us simply in instance we didn"t gain it the first time. Just one problem: she"s Bernardo"s sister, and also he"s very protective of her. He"s even picked out her boyfriend: Chino, among his Sharks. Bernarcarry out cautions Maria to remain away from Tony. Meanwhile, Bernardo has a battle council to erected the rumble. He and also Riff agree to satisfy at Doc"s drugsave, where Tony works, to hash out the rules. (Apparently, you need rules for a rumble, instead of just cutting to the chase and also trying to kill the other guys any kind of method you have the right to.)

After that, Bernarperform and also the Sharks retire to the rooftops, where his girl Anita (Rita Moreno) chides him for being also strict with Maria. The boys and the girls sing about the great bad points around life in America.


Tony meets Maria on the fire escape external her structure, and also they confirm what we all suspected: they"ve obtained it for each various other poor. They understand they"re on opposite sides of this fight, however they do not care.

Love will certainly execute that to you.

The Jets wait at Doc"s for the war council, and mock the regional symbol of authority Officer Krupke (William Brimley) when he mirrors as much as hassle them. When the Sharks arrive, the rules for the rumble are hamelted out via Tony"s assist. Bernarexecute and Riff"s right-hand also guy Ice (Tucker Smith) will fight through their fists: winner take all.

Once the other gang members leave, Tony moons at Doc (Ned Glass) around how over the moon he is about Maria. Doc disapproves; he have the right to view the trouble all this could cause

The following morning, Maria sings to her friends in the bridal shop wright here she works about exactly how wonderful it is to be in love. Anita tells her about the rumble, and as soon as Tony arrives to watch Maria, she cautions them both that Bernarperform will have actually a furious fit if he catches them together. Tony assures to speak the rumble and also make every little thing best. Afterwards, he and Maria enact a wedding among the mannequins in the bridal shop.

It"s a lot much less creepy and also much even more tear-jerking than it sounds. We swear.

The next evening, the rumble"s on. It"s only supposed to be Bernardo and also Ice using their fists, but when Tony arrives to stop it, things escalate. Badly. Bernarperform stabs Riff and kills him, then Tony, in a fit of rage, stabs and kills Bernarexecute. The cops arrive, everyone splits and also yowza has actually this instance gained out of hand in a great substantial hurry.

Bernardo"s frifinish Chino (Jose DeVega) tells Maria what"s taken place and she"s horrified. Because… yeah… your brand-new boyfriend just stabbed your brother to fatality. Tony reflects up and also asks her to foroffer him. He"s prepared to go to the cops and also confess, but she convinces him not to.

Aaand also they sing around the hopelessness of their love.

Give a minute while we pull ourselves together…


Meanwhile, the Jets are prepared for blood; Ice tells them to be cool. Chino gets his hands on a gun, and he"s looking to work out the score through Tony.

Tony and Maria setup to run amethod, because seriously, acquiring shot is not part of the plan. But Anita, heartdamaged by Bernardo"s fatality, tells Maria that she requirements to forobtain Tony. Maria insists that Tony isn"t a hateful perkid and that Bernardo"s fatality was an accident. Persuaded by Maria"s profession of love for Tony, Anita agrees to sneak off and also tell him that Maria will certainly fulfill him at Doc"s wright here they have the right to escape the area. Unfortunately, this is a very negative principle. After almost acquiring raped by the Jets, a furious Anita instead tells Doc that Chino killed Maria in a fit of jealous rage.

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When Tony hears that Maria"s dead, he charges out into the night in despair, calling for Chino to kill him, too. Then he spots Maria, not dead after all. As he rushes to her, Chino shoots him.

The Jets and the Sharks arrive as Tony dies, cradled in Maria"s arms through the 2 quietly singing to each various other about the "Somewhere" they hoped to find. Maria picks up Chino"s gun and also blames both sides for the hate and also violence that seems to have actually wiped out a far-reaching chunk of the cast. A team of Jets and Sharks pick Tony up together and also lug him ameans as the police take Chino right into custody.

And just choose that, the Montagues and also Capulets—sorry, we suppose the Sharks and the Jets—finish their feud and solve the problem of gangs and also gun violence in New York City forever.